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  1. I haven’t been here long enough to know any better so please do as you think is most appropriate. I am just interested to see if anyone has tried this specific combo. Thanks.
  2. Curious if anyone has paired their Chorus I speakers with the Decware SE84UFO or any Decware amp for that matter. I am 370 or so on the waiting list of 500 and should have mine by June. I emailed Steve Deckert himself to ask his opinions on this exact subject. His response pretty much sums it up, and now I am even more excited to get my amp.
  3. I will, and I’ll report back next week after I have a chance to tweak more.
  4. I have plenty of powerful amps, from a Pioneer SX-980 to an Onkyo THX919. I am waiting for a Super Zen Triode amp from Decware that I should have in June/July. I also have a cheap Dayton Audio DTA-100a arriving soon. That’s a Tripath with a little more kick!
  5. I’m driving the Chorus speakers with a Kinter Tripath 2020+ amp pictured here. Works great till I get something else.
  6. I might have to give that a try...I did notice it was a bit “tighter” than before. I’m going to play around some more.
  7. I did, I just neglected to mention it. I bought and installed the 4” port tubes from Parts Express. Didn’t notice a difference but I didn’t go the full 7” nor did I flare the inside port opening....yet!!!! I saw all your mods and I guess you were my catalyst for what I did. So thanks!!,
  8. Having gotten “into” Klipsch speakers recently (pair of RP-600M and KG 3.2) I was looking to get a pair of Chorus speakers. A Craigslist seller and an hour drive and I had a pair of consecutively numbered Chorus. All original parts. The upper cabinets were in decent shape but the risers were completely trashed. Veneer lifting, cracked, corner pieces missing. Electronically, there was no sound from the tweeter on one side and crappy sound out of the other. I decided that a full crossover rebuild was in order. Having previously bought and installed a Crites crossover in my KG 3.2 I opted for the full Chorus rebuild from Crites. I did an install video here: I also bought the Crites Titanium diaphragm replacements. I also did a video of replacing those as well: Regarding the risers, I took them off and stripped off the old veneer. It was tedious, but well worth the effort. I bought some oak veneer on Amazon and with some spray adhesive it was surprisingly easy. I also bought some Magic Slides to raise the risers off the carpet a little higher. Should avoid damaging the corner veneer again. I also put 1” wood screws in each plastic corner brace of the risers. Several fell off quite easily which seems common from what I have seen, so I also used wood glue on each. Cosmetically and sonically, they are now 110%. I added some sound absorbing foam on the top of the risers, securing with spray adhesive. It cost me a total of $1000 for the speakers, parts, and electronics from Critesspeakers.com. I recommend their products 1000%.
  9. Can you go into more detail as to the differences between the I and II?
  10. I am in the middle of restoring a newly acquired pair of Chorus I speakers. My plan is to drive them with a Decware Super Zen Triode amp when I finally get mine. Currently there is a 24 week wait, and I should have it before summer. The speakers are currently apart and the cabinets are being restored by me. I have a complete Crites crossover and Ti diaphragms arriving this week. Also some oak veneer to redo the risers.
  11. Let me help anyone having a similar issue. I called tech support and figured the issue out with the tech. Apparently, the RCA jacks on the back of the Sixes need to be run on the “Phono” input on the front, with the switch in the rear slid over to “line”. If you have an LP connected (which you should NOT since the phone preamp in the Sixes isn’t that great), you cannot also have RCA line level input for another device at the same time connected. You would have to use the 3.5mm jack, which is the “Aux” input. The illustrated owners manual flat out stinks and I had a chuckle with the tech from Klipsch about it.
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