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  1. I wanted to close this thread with a stupid mistake i made by connecting the rca cable of both red and white to subwoofer then to denon receiver sub pre-out. That is the reason i was getting hum or a loud buzz. After few days of wasted time, I saw the manual on to connect sub to receiver which i should done while back to connect only 1 male to LFEw white to sub that worked like a charm. No need of ground isolator loop. Thanks for the suggestions on this thread.
  2. @Sancho Panza That is something i will try this morning.
  3. @Amstaff Yes, I tried to put the rca cable in second SW out. There is no loud buzz/hum when placed pre-out of second subwoofer outlet but Audyssey still doesn't detect. Is it not buzzing or humming because I told Auddysey that I have only on sub-woofer and it told me to put the wire in first sub-woofer?
  4. Hi Folks, I am setting up 9.1 channel HT speakers with Klipsch 120SW and Denon 3700h receiver. All the speakers are working except the subwoofer. When I connect RCA cable from the Subwoofer to the subwoofer pre-out of Denon Receiver 1 the sub starts buzzing. As I increase the Gain of the sub, the buzzing goes high and has set low frequency to LFE or other settings but still no luck. Even the Audyssey test setup did not detect it. I tested the subwoofer by connecting to my phone and laptop whether it's working or not but it works like a charm but not with Denon receiver 3700h with a loud buzzing sound. In the process of getting a subwoofer working 1. I tried getting different RCA cables from Amazon, insignia and etc which did not work. 2. Bought the best buy TruConnect ground loop isolator then connected the RCA cable from sub with GLI to receiver still the problem exists. 3. Tried plugging both Sub-woofer and receiver to same power outlet, different and surge extension outlet. What am I missing to get the buzz to go away permanently and sub-working? I have been testing this for the last 2 days and sweating why this not working?
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