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  1. Are 6 ohm speakers a good idea with my receiver? I am looking at the polk t series and the center channel and towers are 6 ohms and the bookshelf rears are 8.
  2. Unfortunately i don't have any stores near by me that would carry most of what i am looking at. Best location i had was best buy and it just closed for good about a month ago. So it is gonna be a online purchase and fingers crossed whatever i buy sounds good.
  3. Thank you again for the advise. I am really thinking due to cost restraints that i am gonna go with the polk audio cs1 series 2 , with the 60 monitor series 2 towers in the front and the monitor 40 series 2 bookshelf speakers for the rears. If i did go this route i just wanted to double check i am not gonna run into any underpowered issues basically i am looking for good sound quality and a little more performance in the loudness of the setup. Yet again thank you for any or all advice.
  4. Thank for the suggestions. I usually gave my amp turned up to 60 with the speakers i currently have to get the volume i want. I am looking for advice on the technical specs i should be looking for in a new set of speakers and if the amp is powerful enough to push a set of tower speakers for the fronts or if i should stick to bookshelf style speakers like i have now. Thanks.
  5. I have a Onkyo Tx-nr686 i bought last year and i am currently running a old set of sony book shelf speakers and a center channel that are 100 watts and 8 ohms in a 5 speaker set up. I am looking to finally upgrade my speakers. I was hoping to be able to do tower speakers for the fronts and the bookshelf ones in the back with a new center channel. But i don't want to throw away money if my system isn't powerful enough to get the potential benefits. My question is what wattage and ohm ratting should i be looking for? Not looking to spend a fortune on the speakers but i have looked at the polk t series and monitor series 2 , the sony core series and the klipsch if i can find the right sale. Any help would be appropriated. Thank you in advance.
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