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  1. jw80

    Sold KG 5.5

    Thank you. I got it yesterday and it fits perfectly!
  2. jw80

    Sold KG 5.5

    Yes, I'm definitely interested. I recently acquired two sets of KG 5.5.s, of which one had a dented cap. Just trying to get them to match. Things were going well....until I got a little overzealous with the heat gun. I'm new to the forum, and it is not letting me send PMs. I'm not sure if I'm no some kind of newbie probation, or if I'm just special. Any thoughts?
  3. jw80

    Sold KG 5.5

    I really like the color on those speakers. Where did you find the dust caps? I am redoing a pair of KG 5.5s and need to replace a dust cap, but I can't find one where I'm confident in the color matching the cone.
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