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  1. Hi guys,


    First, I just want to say I'm glad I joined this community, you have been a huge help in answering questions! 


    I have a 5.1.2 setup for my HT. Speakers are Front R+L Klipsch R51M Bookshelf, Front Center R34C, Surround R+L R51M Bookshelf, Sub R120SW, the Atmos speakers are Klipsch R-41SA.  The trouble I'm having is they are "up-firing" speakers, and I know they would probably be OK sitting on top of my center bookshelf speakers and bouncing off the ceiling.  However, the more research I'm doing, the more people are saying to avoid that if you can. 


    This room is a bit of an odd layout, it's a 14x14 but most of the theater equipment is on the right side of the room because we had to leave a pathway to the outside door, as well as some walking room.  

    https://ibb.co/L85BTz3 (room layout)


    There seems to be 4 choices on where to put the Atmos speakers. 

    1. Put them on top of the bookshelf speakers aiming towards the ceiling for the bounce effect, about 39" high. 

    2. Install them on the wall about 4 ft. right above the front surround R+L speakers.  Downside to this is I would have to re-locate the projector screen and move it over about 6" to the left to create enough space, not ideal. 

    3. Install them on the right and left sides of the room above the listeners heads (the left side is not visible in the pic but it would line up to #3 on the other side).

    4. Install them on the ceiling, pointing down at the listeners heads.  This would require some engineering and probably the most work because these only have a keyhole mount, and they weigh a good 7 lbs.  There are a few topics on this and there doesn't seem to be a totally sensible solution, other than gluing some mount brackets on the sides of the speakers and then drilling them into the ceiling.  See this topic https://www.avsforum.com/threads/mounting-klipsch-rp-140sa-or-r-14sa-on-ceiling.2965022/


    Would it be that drastic of a difference in sound between option 3 and 4?  Is there an option 5? 


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  2. On 3/12/2021 at 2:53 PM, billybob said:

    How is it coming?

    That's right you need wire...

    Glad you mentioned that lol. So for my receiver, would it be best to run banana connectors on the speaker side, and then straight pin connectors into the receiver end?  Or just simply run banana connectors on both ends or would you recommend bare wire?  I'm going to have to run bare wire on the wall mounted speakers simply because the banana connectors stick out too far in the back.  Recommendations? 

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  3. 4 hours ago, inMotionGraphics said:

    Did you come right with the manual? In case you haven't, just looking at the photo you posted, I think the A in Front A is misleading, as I don't see a B anywhere... so just ignore the A. 


    For a 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos setup:


    Front A = Front L & R (Mains)

    Center = Center speaker

    Surround = Surround L & R (ideally placed on the side walls to the side of the main listening position or slightly behind)

    Surround Back/Height = Your Dolby Atmos overhead height speakers


    I would go 12 gauge (or as as close to it as possible) for the speaker wires while you're at it and if you can afford it... just so you don't have one more thing that you might feel the urge to upgrade later... 🙂

    Thanks for the input! On the 12 gauge wire, is there any product that seems to sound better than others or will any 12 gauge standard copper speaker wire suffice? 

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  4. Hey folks, 


    I'm pretty green to all of this and could use some help with the wiring configuration to my receiver.  It's a Sony STR-DH790 7.2 or 5.1.2, I have 4 book shelf speakers and 1 center, and 1 sub.  I noticed that the ports on the back have a "Front A", is that supposed to be for the two front (R+L) book shelf speakers? I'm going to get some Dolby Atmos height speakers pointing down and I want to wire this in for 5.1.2.  1 center, 2 front, 2 rear or side and 2 Atmos height (I'm purchasing these later), 1 sub.  Is this receiver capable of doing this and if so, how would I go about wiring that in?  See below for a pic of the ports. 


    It's for a 14x14 theater room, any suggestions on wire gauge while I'm on the topic?  I'm aiming towards 12 gauge with straight banana connectors from the research I've done. Any tips are much appreciated to ease this process! 



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  5. Thanks for the input guys.  Is it true that these Klipsch model speakers claim they are 8 ohms but tend to dip down to 2? The other forums got me nervous about choosing the right receiver to handle that dip, so much to learn about audio it's overwhelming. 


    11 hours ago, willland said:



    Welcome to the forum.


    Can you be more specific with the speakers you have.  Do you have a guess what Klipsch models they are?




    2 hours ago, Sancho Panza said:


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  6. 3 hours ago, willland said:



    Welcome to the forum.


    Can you be more specific with the speakers you have.  Do you have a guess what Klipsch models they are?



    Hi Bill, and thanks.  Yes, the center is R-34-C, the 4 book shelf speakers are R-51-M, and the Sub is R-120SW.  On that note, is this an ok setup for a 14x14 theater room?  I have already purchased these speakers, because I found them at a very reasonable price but some validation would ease my mind lol. 

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  7. Hi all, I'm having trouble choosing a receiver.  My setup is x4 Klipsch Reference Series 5 1/4" 340 watt 2-way bookshelf speakers, x1 Klipsch Reference series Quad- 3 1/2" 400 watt passive 2 way Center speaker, and x1 Kilpsch 12" 400 watt sub.  I reached out to some other forums and was told that these speakers actually dip below 4 ohms or less, and most of the receivers I found did not support that.  I plan on adding x2 Dolby Atmos in the distant future but I want to be certain I buy the right receiver to handle what I have.  My budget is $500, could someone recommend me a good receiver for that price range? 

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