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  1. Oh, guess you beat me to it. Yes they were a nice, hated to see him go but I've just got too much stuff.
  2. I know there's someone on here keeping track of Klipsch sales prices. I posted locally and was intending to post on here but they sold before I had a chance, anyway they were rf5 sold for $500, with not an ounce of haggling. I'm not on here very often but this is a fantastic group.
  3. Sound is very personal, thank you Billy Bob for your response
  4. Okay so, these lascala Industrials are going nowhere, at least for the time being even though they're huge and taking up way too much space in my room . if anybody that hasn't yet but gets the opportunity to listen to these with the right amplifier even with the so-called dreaded Al crossover please do so. A while back I was asking for opinions on what amp to pair with this particular speaker with this particular crossover as I had limited options availability and budget, so 3 amps later I can honestly tell you in my opinion that this Soundstream da1 amp with this particular set of speakers kicks ***. I love the Sunfire 300 but not with the lascala Industrials, it kicks *** on the klf 30s though. I also tried the Adcom 555 ll with the lascala Industrials but again was lacking clarity, there was a lot of distortion in certain ranges which literally hurt my ears. So last but definitely not least I hooked up the Soundstream da1 and excuse my French but I ******* love it it's been about 2 weeks, just sounds better the more I listen to them with this particular amp. I don't have a whole lot of experience with this, but I certainly highly recommend this particular amp with this particular set of speakers. I honestly believe I found a rare and Hidden Gem in this amp. Again I as many folks on these forms are not familiar with this particular amp but I am so happy I lucked in 2 it. As we all know the Adcom ain't no joke but right now it's taking second stage to the Soundstream and will be used as a backup in case something does happen to the DA one
  5. Islander, outstanding thank you.
  6. Chicago 25 or 6 to 4, a nice array of vocals, horns and percussion generally a good starting point for me
  7. Well I don't really have the space as I am probably eight to nine feet away from them I'm pretty sure they would be even better at some distance but I can only work with what I got, space is definitely an issue which is why I'm still not sure if I'm going to keep them, but for now with good clean power I'm good
  8. Yeah that 140 Hertz or so sounds like a bout the same spot I couldn't handle with the Sunfire amp
  9. Yes I have read thread upon thread on here and various other sites saying what they don't like about them however you seemed to not mind the sound of them so to me that says we have kind of the same hearing that's why I was asking.
  10. Yeah they definitely seem to shine with more power just as my klf 30s do. Thanks
  11. Hey Billy Bob, just out of curiosity have you ever had the opportunity to compare the sound of different Crossovers and lascala? If so what is the big difference? Also what amp are you running to them?
  12. Also I have no zener, I asked about that in a previous post and it was brought to my attention possibly it was because my LSi are fused. Perhaps down the road if I even keep these I will get into the crossovers. Thanks
  13. LOL. Yeah I see that. I've definitely heard the Al is it bad design but I don't know but it sounds really good with different amp suffice it to say I've no experience with any other design. This is my first set of heritage and they came with the Al. So far I'm very pleased with just the amp swap.
  14. Yeah it took a minute but I had to figure stuff out,
  15. Well just a follow-up in case anybody sees this, I ended up getting both amps. I needed another amp anyway and my LSi's with the AL xos sounded like crap with the Sunfire 300, not a good pairing for my ears however the Sunfire Rocks the hell out of the klf 30s. So I start the listening process with the Adcom 555 ll, way better sound out of the lSi's, none of that honky sound I was getting from the sunfire. With the Sunfire I had to EQ 125 to 250 Hertz way down just to listen at a moderately loud level and I like my music loud. So I'm really happy with the Adcom, now it's time for the Soundstream da1 dual mono. I just hooked it up this morning and right away sounded better than even the Adcom, right off the bat the two main differences where the Soundstream has better Bass and I didn't have to turn the volume as high as with the Adcom to hit my happy spot. I'll give this a couple of weeks see if I still feel the same but so far the Soundstream for me is better sounding with the lSi's with the AL xos. Speaker / amp pairing definitely makes a difference. Also there were some that says $500 is steep for the Adcom 555 ll, but based on what I've seen that's about the going rate online plus shipping and down here 500 local pickup is what they go for when they come up for sale, though I have seen a few to go for less than $500 the majority of them are 500+. I can't find a lot of information on the Soundstream da1 but it seems pretty unanimous that it was a Krell design
  16. Local shop did the work, I've been there a few times myself over the years.
  17. I just like older quality gear that has stood the test of time. Thank you for your suggestions though, I may look into them
  18. Nothing is wrong with the Sunfire, it's a fantastic amp, if I could find another for a fair price I would ****** it up but all I'm able to find thus far is the Adcom and the the D1 dual mono. Right now I'm running the LSi with the sun fire, I also have a set of klf 30s so I am looking for another amp
  19. Oh my bad, no there's no actual Krell, but the DA 1 from what I can gather was at least in part designed by and has Krell components
  20. Is anyone familiar with Soundstream da1 amps?
  21. Hey folks, I am in search of another amplifier and have come across 2 I am interested in, one being Adcom 555 ll for $500 which I am familiar with and like and and the other is a Soundstream da1 amp with the C1 preamp for $650 and is a dual mono amp, which I think is sought-after? I was aware of their superb car amps but wasn't aware they designed home amps. any ideas? The speakers are LSi and klf-30 oh I forgot to mention before beer can size capacitors in The Sound Stream have been replaced within the last 6 months. Thanks
  22. I corrected the model number of the Soundstream its a DA1
  23. LOL also was wondering if I'm in the right spot or should I have posted this in the general section sometimes I'm not sure where to post thanks
  24. Hi Tom, to the best of my knowledge it has not been recapped. The Adcom is a desired amp as is to the best of my knowledge the Soundstream. I am in Florida and either one of these rarely show up on the market.
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