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  1. Ok, I just got my hands on a replacement tweeter (1011956) that works with this speaker. The three screws that held the old tweeter in place are too short to hold the new tweeter in place. However, I found some screws that I could use and the treble sounds much better now. My first thoughts are that the highs are louder/brighter and more clear than the R-25C. I’m still testing but, am happy so far. I took 2 of the loose foam pieces out since they block the ports but, it does sounds a little boomy/muddy when lots of bass is present. I might put them back in and test again even though they make the ports useless.
  2. Thanks everyone. Just to provide an update, I think the RP-450C sounds pretty good overall with my current front left and right towers and the additional sub. No complaints.
  3. Hi @Zen Traveler thanks for the input. I hear ya. It’s a lot of trial and error. I think this will be 5th center I’ve tried over the years haha.🤦‍♂️
  4. Do you think I’ll hear a strange difference in voices when dialogue moves from the center to left or right mains when watching movies? Not sure if it will sound unnatural since the RP will have a titanium tweeter and the mains have aluminum.
  5. Hey @wuzzzer! thanks for the reply. I mainly watch movies and tv. Not hearing the dialogue clearly always seems to be an issue for me. Therefore, if the RP-450C solves that problem, I’ll be pretty happy. The second sub was a huge improvement even though they don’t match. I’m excited to try the bigger center. I was thinking maybe the RP-280F’s as well (if I upgrade). I’ve heard good things.
  6. Hey everyone, so I’ve gotten the urge to upgrade since I’ve joined the community (probably not a big surprise 😆). I’ve recently picked up a second sub and also ordered a RP-450C (replacing a R-25C). I’m wondering if my tower speakers will pair ok with the new center? I’ll test it out when it arrives but, figured I’d ask in case someone else has been in a similar situation. My current set up is below. Denon AVR-X2300W - receiver R-28F front left and right RP-450C R-120SW & R-10SW - subs Mirage Nanosat - surrounds thanks
  7. I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Kirby but, I think it’s awesome that everyone in the Klipsch audio community is honoring him and sharing stories. Thanks for sharing and RIP Kirby.
  8. In case anyone else is interested, I’ve decided to switch out the tweeter once I find the right replacement in stock. I found other similar conversations about this when I searched the forum.
  9. Hmm. Interesting. It says 3 ohm on the top of the part where the part number is listed.
  10. My multimeter says 2.1 Ohm when I touch against the tweeter connectors. Is that about right?
  11. To clarify, I’m the one who disconnected the tweeter to take the cover off.
  12. Thanks for the reply @wuzzzer. I double-checked the jumpers and they are tight. l also tried switching the banana plugs in either the top posts or the bottom. No difference. Running Audyssey again didn’t make a difference. I think the tweeter is working but, is either really weak or perhaps this center pairs very badly with my other main speakers R-28F’s. I have since opened up the speaker but, don’t see anything jumping out at me. If I take this tweeter apart, will it ruin it? From the outside it looks fine. Also, the foam looks like it is from the factory, as you mentioned.
  13. I say fire it up and see how those babies sound!
  14. Hey everyone, so I bought a used RC-25 center speaker and after some initial testing, it sounds awful. It’s connected to a Denon AVR-X2300W. I bought it to to upgrade from a R-25C but, the treble is really weak. I adjusted a bunch of Audyssey and manual adjustments on the receiver but, the treble is just lacking. I’ll Redo the entire Audyssey calibration tomorrow but, I have a feeling something else is wrong. Maybe a blown tweeter? Also, I shined some light into the front ports and it looks like foam is stuffed in the back and essentially blocking the ports. That shouldn’t be there right? I’m guessing someone did that to reduce low frequency vibration. However, I wouldn’t think that would effect the highs. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.
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