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  1. Hi Mirko, I also live in San Diego ( Jamul ); use Heresy IV from a Primaluna integrated Evo 100, and am looking for some subwoofers to help with my classical symphonies. I’ve pretty much decided on either one of the T7’s or two of the T’5’s. My room is 250-300 ft with carpeting, so I worry how the t5 will work with the carpet. My feeling is that the t7 would have a crisper bass, but two would be outside my emotional spending limit. Anyway if you get a chance drop me a note share your advice. Nice to see the rain for a change.....Max
  2. Well the sale ends this weekend. Must be somebody using subs with a heresy . I’ve had these since they came out but new to beef up the bottom end for some of my classical symphanies
  3. I’m looking for a sub for my Heresy IV. Klipsch is having a sale right now on this sub. I would like to get some feed back on how it would play with the Heresy. Or any suggestions for a Heresy.
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