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  1. Thanks, I plan on adding another SW in future, but why 2-channel amp with RP-500-SA? Is this for rear elevation? If so, will there be a noticeable improvement given the costs?
  2. I have decided to go with the setup below. Any thoughts? left/right front channels - RP-600C Center Channel - RP-504C Center Channel Side Surround - RP-500SA Rear Surround - R-41SA Front Elevation - RP-500SA Subwoofer - SVS SB-3000 Subwoofer Amp: Denon AVR-X4700H
  3. Thanks for the quick responses, and tips on where to purchase! Unfortunately, I prefer not to use floor speakers. Mostly, it's a cosmetic issue, and the concern of them getting bumped and banged by. kids. However, I feel the 600Ms may be too small even for fronts. Agreed. The space is 4ft from the screen to the seats, and the screen is 120 inches. I tend to seat in the last row further back, and even when guests are over the 1st row is always the last option.
  4. Hello All, I need to replace an old speaker system (12yrs+) in a dedicated home theater. I am considering purchasing the speakers below, but I am on a budget and want to make sure I get it right. left/right front channels - RP-600M Bookshelf Speakers Center Channel - RP-504C Center Channel Side Surround - RP-500SA Rear Surround - RP-500SA or R-41SA Front Elevation - RP-500SA Subwoofer - SPL-150 Subwoofer Amp: Denon AVR-X4700H Here are my questions: 1. I like the RP-504C for the center channel, but feel it may over power the RP-600M. Is that a correct assumption or will they be okay? 2. Due to stadium seating, I need to mount the RP-504C center channel above the screen. This speaker is heavy! Can anyone recommend a get mounting bracket? 3. This will be my first Dolby Atmos setup. There is a space of about 4 feet between the screen wall with the l/c/r spears and the first row of chairs. Should I place the front elevation speakers above the l/r channels or move them closer to the MLP? 4. The rear surround speakers are on a back wall and just above the head of the listeners. Should I go with the R-41SAs or stay consistent with the RP-500SAs?
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