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  1. Also while trying to find this thread i read some other threads where you mentioned about using the Exciter SE560. Have you replaced the EQ with the Exciter and found that works better? Or are you using both?
  2. Hey how are you doing? Been quite happy with my DAC and EQ config I wanted to ask what do you do when the bass is just too heavy on certain songs. Do reduce the 60Hz knob on the EQ or reduce the sub volume on the remote control?
  3. Thanks i took your advise and purchased. The Shitt Modi 3 DAC and Bellari EQ arrived this week and i am going to try them over the weekend. For some strange reason my dialogue issue with the speakers has been solved. I think i changed some settings on the subwoofer crossover. But i'm still excited to see how the the DAC and EQ makes a difference to the sound. Can you share what settings you have on the EQ? Cheers Yash
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. Really appreciate you searching for solutions. So here’s what I’ve tried and I think it’s right that the software is constantly outputting 5.1. I tired using Bluetooth connection and it still has the same issue. But when I tried connecting my phone through Bluetooth and watch the exact show on Netflix through my phone the dialogue was louder. So now I am thinking if one there DACs might solve my issue. I have no experience with using DACs. https://drop.com/buy/fx-audio-dac-x6 https://www.schiit.com/products/modi-1 on the hand my tv is only a week and a half old and it has backlight led issues after getting it exchanged once already. So I am getting a slightly upgraded version (Qled60T) which is also a Samsung and feel the software will give me the same issues.
  5. So I have a very similar connection to yours. Samsung TU8000 optical out to my R-41PM. However the dialogue is very Low and I am unable to do anything about it. The only settings I have on my tv is PCM and I am unable to change the audio settings to 2ch on my apps such as Netflix or Apple TV. So after reading you comment I thought maybe a dac would solve this problem and provide 2 ch input to my speakers.
  6. Could you share the specific model of your dac please?
  7. Yeah I switch it to line and it’s still the same. I tried installing Spotify and played music through the same out (optical) and it works fine with vocals really clear. So I presume it’s the apps like Netflix, prime and Apple TV forcing a 5.1 or some other protocol to the optical output. it’s a Samsung TU8000
  8. Thanks Marvel, I can’t seem to change the audio on netflix app. On my old TV that was possible but looks like the newer ones don’t allow you too.
  9. Yep I have set my tv to PCM. There is no stereo option on my tv.
  10. Yea the tv optical out is connected to the klipsch
  11. Thanks Peter. Klipsch does mention on the manual that the optical can work from the tv directly. But maybe different tv models perform differently. Trying it with an amp might just be the next best option and will visit the showroom to test before I invest in one coz I don’t own an amp currently. If I knew I’d run into these issues I would have just got an amp and passive speakers from the beginning 😫. Newbie experience lol
  12. Tried that already and it’s still the same
  13. Unfortunately once I set the tv sound to optical the tv audio settings are disabled. I will try and experiment with the inbuilt app setting ie Netflix and switch to 2ch or stereo and see if it makes a difference.
  14. yep tv is already set to PCM and I believe you are right that it’s outputting a 5.1 signal. I only tried this with a couple of movies via the in built streaming app ie Netflix and Apple TV and haven’t adjusted the output audio on my Netflix app. I’ll try that to see if there’s a difference . Didn’t understand the ‘line’ comment. How do I set to ‘line’? cheers yash
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