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  1. Correct. 12ax7's are more common, so easier to roll.
  2. I tried the Reisong A10 with LSII's and am impressed. However, I sent it back and purchased the newer version A12 (same thing, just different preamp tubes) since my A10 example had a Morse code-type beeping sound in the left channel that couldn't be fixed. Aside from that, the sound was really impressive, with very nice mids and surprisingly sparkly highs. The bass was fine, but I use subs below 55 hz.
  3. Well now you have! https://doge.audio/product/doge-10-padc-mk3/
  4. Have you checked out the Doge 10?
  5. Following Edit - I'm interested in the Decware SET and other push-pull amps like your Jolida. FYI, the Decware lead time is 25+ weeks. I called them today.
  6. Mine are consecutive SN, built in 2017. Black ash. 9/5/10, tweeter diaphragms aside ($40 to fix). Bought in PA.
  7. $2,800 for LSII's....don't hold your breath. I don't doubt the accuracy of the spreadsheet...I appreciate the effort put into it, but is it complete?? Real-world prices are higher - a lot higher lately; end of story. Original LS's are selling for near $3k. LSII's are a marked step up from them and not much different than the new AL5's, which retail for $12k. I paid $5k for black ash LSII's in good condition, requiring simple tweeter diaphragm replacements. I'm happy with that number and most other people should too. There's always low ballers that think their gear is worth more than anyone else's, yet think yours is worth nothing. Who cares what they think..
  8. There are two sets of LSII's for sale here https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/198998-la-scala-ii-portland-or-4750/&tab=comments#comment-2617428
  9. Signals are mixed. I bought a pair of mint LSII's a couple weeks ago for $5k. The tweeter diaphragms were shot - that was their only issue.
  10. Correct - the market is nuts for La Scalas. Aside from needing new tweeter diaphragms, my LSII's were mint. The CL link in the beginning of this post is now defunct. Edit - Mine are ~2017. Not sure how to decode the new serial numbers.
  11. Probably the K-77-D, right? The diaphragms are still the same though.
  12. Neither! Dozens of better places exist. One might find better at a local pizza shop
  13. I like how you think, but there's no friggin way I'm gonna swing putting giant horns on top of already giant speakers. I'm lucky to have WAF for the LSII's. I'm outside of Philly
  14. I think it's hard to blow them at any sort of humane listening volumes. Probably a result of carelessness with plugging into a hot amp, etc. In any case, the tweeter diaphragms aren't that hard or costly to replace and now I know how to do it. They sound great
  15. Still tweaking speaker position, but these are definitely special speakers! I could go on about their strengths, but you all know what they are... Tried a bit of two-channel movie watching with the subs on. Very engaging. I may scrap the entire home theater setup and build up a simpler two-channel streaming music system instead. Feeding Tidal through Audirvana on a Macbook via USB to a DAC/preamp, to a tube amp. The subs will remain and I'll probably have to feed the main signal through the MiniDSP 2x4HD for bass management with REW (does amazing things with dual subs), passing the rest of the signal through to the tube amp. Thoughts?
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