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  1. So I got it fired up, and It sounds better than I remembered it did. Definitely glad I decided against selling the components last year. I forgot how much better movies are with good sound.
  2. Here’s my set up. Just finished the stand yesterday
  3. I think the RB stands for reference bookshelf..????
  4. I was wondering about this. I’m glad you brought this up. I do really like the way they sound, so being able to keep them as rear speakers is great to hear. I have to go get a few more cords today so I’ll be able to see how all this works out. Thank you for all the replies. I’m looking forward to things I can learn here in the forums.
  5. hello all, Yep, new guy with all the stupid new guy questions coming. So bail now if you’ve seen this this show before...lol I have a 20 year old klipsch\yamaha system that I bough when I moved into my first condo. I have a set of rb3s, my center is an RC 3 and a pair of sb1 surrounds. I have a ksw-10 woofer. I just purchased a Yamaha RXv-4a receiver because the old receiver I gad ( I think it was a step above this one) couldn’t connect to my tv and xbox. My question is, are these speakers worth keeping? My room isn’t exactly HT friendly, and I feel like I’d like to make do with these until I move and can focus on a dedicated HT room. The system sat dormant for may years because it was too loud for my condo and my neighbor complained. Now that I’m in my own place, seemed like a great excuse to fire it up again...Thoughts?
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