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  1. I'm looking to upgrade from the reference line to the reference premiere line. Does anyone know if the Premiere line goes on sale for 50% or close to it through out the year??? Trying to get the best price, I was able to get the reference line for 50% off on black friday.
  2. the onkyo is only lacking a in few areas for me. imax enhanced, independent subwoofer inputs, last 2 not so important features hdmi 2.1 and hdcp 2.3. I have two emotiva amps a300 & a500.
  3. Hey just seeing what people think what goes best with klipsch reference line I a 5.2.4 setup. Currently have a onkyo RZ830 but looking for something else. Denon 3700h or 4700h and the Marantz 7706 processor. What are you all thoughts in pairing these entry klipsch speakers up with a processor ??? Or what av receiver do u like best for the reference line???
  4. thanks for all the feedback. appreciate it
  5. thanks. I have no problem with my current amps but still fairly new to amps and I hear I should be giving them more power. i dont know just looking to get more options and insight.
  6. I have the klipsch reference line set up. R 34c for my center and r-820f for my towers. Are there any amps you all recommend to power these for home theater? Currently have emotiva basX line pushing them center getting 80 watts and the towers getting 150 watts.
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