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  1. I’ll stick with that spot for now and see how it does, I didn’t know if placing it as far out as the other rear would be impacted with that wall sort of in the way. I have a 5.1 setup now but have wires ready for 2 in ceiling speakers besides the ceiling fan and 2 more in laundry room and hallway for music
  2. I need help with the placement of one of my surround speakers as I have a less than ideal living room shape, so to speak. This is for my rear right speaker. We built the house a couple years ago and I ran some speaker wire for a 7.4.2 if that’s the correct terminology (in addition the center, 2 front and 2 rear, i have 2 ceiling speakers, ran cable to all 4 corners in case I change my mind on subwoofer placement and have 2 speakers in different part of the house, laundry room and hallway). On my rear speakers, is my rear left to close to the wall and where would be the best placement for my rear right? I have a speaker outlet at the very corner of the angled wall there which is my entrance. Would placing it in spot numbered one be more ideal?
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