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  1. Hi, I recently acquired a pair of RF-5 and a RC-7 in very good shape and have now been appreciating them for about 3 months. But they've shown some of the "problems", or more specifically traits that people don't really like: being quite harsh in the upper end. While this is something I was somehow looking for when I decided to buy these speakers, this was a bit tiring after a few hours of listening and so I decided to do something about it. I've now placed approximately 2.5 mm of "Plastiline" on the back face of the horn, and things are far more relaxed now, but I still need to tweak it as I lost a bit of high frequency, but not that much. I'm quite happy with this first step as I would qualify my listening less harsh but also more precise, but would be happy to have a look at the crossover now... Having already digested a substantial number of posts on this forum, my plan is: Do not touch inductors... I'm not equipped to measure them, and my understanding is I've more chance to break things than fix them Upgrade capacitors to something better... But which ones? Budget isn't my biggest concern here, but size can quickly become a problem Upgrade resistors... They're cheap and easy to replace, but is it worth it? Would you help me getting these to another level? @Deang, I hope to get you and your memory on this
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