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  1. Working w/ Klispsch to hopefully have these replaced... Klipsch definitely warranties all parts of the speaker including outside finishes for 10 years
  2. Yes, Now that I 100% know that this is NOT what they should look like, I am going to pursue getting them replaced. **** Thanks to all that chimed in that the finish is defective! Was worried that this was "normal"....
  3. Just a few other pictures as I have better lighting in the day light where it shows the veneer detail better.
  4. Just looks like the 2 pieces of Veneer are completely off. One has rich color and the second is completely faded, was this a outside vendor issue w/ the veneers? I guess just not caught at final inspection?
  5. I hope so as it took a while last time to wait for these from Hope, AR. Also, if there are none in stock again, it could be anywhere from 4-8 weeks.
  6. From other members feedback, It looks like the front half piece Veneer is missing a coat of something like varnish, etc as when the veneer is cut it is then applied with something (not sure what exactly) to accentuate the grain and give it a bit of protection. Does anyone else have Distressed OAK to compare it to? Otherwise the D/oak w/ the whitish lambs wool front cover should be a real nice combo.
  7. I It looks like on the front half of the speakers they did NOT use any Varnish, etc as it super light and you can't really see the grain as well, however, on the back half, it is darker and the grain is much darker. Was the QC not good the day these were made?
  8. Hi... I just received my new Klipsch speakers in Distressed OAk Veneer, which looked like a great color combo. These were recently made down in Hope and shipped to me from klipsch. I am not sure if I have a big issue or the veneer is just so "off" that the speakers looks like it half one color on one side and another color on the other. The fact my wife noticed told me everything I needed to know as she never notices anything when it comes to speakers, subs, electronics. Both speakers have the same exact thing with the half/half coloring. Can other Distressed OAk Owners please tell me if there speakers look like this & if this is normal or something went wrong when these were made? I would greatly appreciate the feedback. Thanks to all!
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