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  1. Couple more pics of the center channel.
  2. Here’s the sub. My wife reminded me we did have an issue with it shortly after we got it. The rear passive radiator wasn’t glued very well to the rubber edging. Our dealer, Good Vibes in Champaign replaced it under warranty with a new one ordered directly from Klipsch and we never had an issue with it afterwards.
  3. Thank you. Here’s a few more picks of the Chorus.
  4. Thank you. Didn’t realize there was a 5 post deal, but completely understand.
  5. Long story. Was a member from years ago as VMUSA1. Couldn’t remember my password or old email, so had to sign up as a new member. Had a nice HT in our house in Paris IL back in the late 1990’s with the Chorus II’s in Oak Oil with #19 grilles, SW12 Oak Oil sub, KSP-C6 Black center, and a pair of KSP-S6 Black for surrounds. Moved back to the farm in 2013 to help my father and have been building a new house ourselves since then. Will have a large HT in the basement when we are done and had every intention of using my old speakers that have been sitting in storage waiting for that day. I’ll be starting the HT build this summer after the crops are in the ground and starting to research the build now. Auditioned some RF7’s at Good Vibes in Champaign by coincidence and decided to go a completely different direction now. So, have decided to part ways with my beloved Chorus II’s that have brought my family so much enjoyment over the years and was hoping to find a forum member/new family who would appreciate them as well. I am wanting to sell these together as a set. The Chorus II’s, sub, & surrounds are in excellent condition, both grilles, speakers, & cabinets. They are virgin (never touched or modified) and were never played overly loud with a Denon AVR-1804. They are dusty, but were kept in an HVAC controlled smoke/cat free environment. The black vinyl on one end of the center channel speaker did get cosmetically skinned up in the move, but the grille, wood, and speakers are perfect. If it’s in a cabinet under a TV, you would never see it. Or if you are in to refinishing, it would be an easy fix with a new piece of black vinyl. Asking $1,900 for the set, pick up only near Rossville, IL. I would encourage you to audition them before purchasing and they can be hooked up to the Denon receiver if you want to bring your choice of tunes. I can also send any pics before you make the trip if you let me know what you want to see. If you bring a truck and are interested, I’ve got a couple of nice glass TV stands I’d sell also.
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