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  1. Thanks. It is not a knock on the speaker and I will listen to it first for 100+ hours. I build things for a living, so I am experimenting. Certainly I am not going to change the crossover circuit at all because that has been worked out by the designer for the drivers used.
  2. Hi I am not going to build a new crossover, just change what looks like three capacitors and maybe one or two resistors. Have to see which crossover is in mine. Not changing the board out, just a few parts and will use exactly the same values, so not changing the circuit at all and using the same boards.
  3. I am certainly going to listen to them. I have seen photos of the crossovers. I am not going to change any values at all, but those are run of the mill poly caps and resistors in there. Putting a very high quality oil damped poly cap like the VCap ODAM is not going to change the way the crossover works. It will improve the quality of the signal flowing into the drivers though. They are a more detailed cap and not bright in any way once they run in for 100+ hours. I am not trying to be confrontational in any way. Things are built to a price point. That is all. I have built literally over a thousand pieces of tube audio equipment between restorations of vintage and my production custom gear. I have heard tons of different capacitors. I understand voicing certainly. But I can see what caps are in there now and I know what I want to use sounds like. There is no comparison. I will keep the oem parts and if I don't like it I will put them back. I am not going to tell other people what to do at all and post that my way is best or anything like that. I am sure it is a great speaker. I had original cornwall I years ago and they improved significantly when I replaced the crossover caps and resistors. Again, it is not my goal to say anything bad about Klispch or tell others what to do. I am not trying to offend anyone. I am not trying make a business of Cornwall crossover mods or anything like that. No commercial intent whatsoever. I intend to listen to these for a long time. I have had a couple of customers with my amps say how much they like them with the Cornwall IV. One of the customers damped the horns with dynamat or some other similar material and told me he could tell the improvement right away. I trust him. So I am just going on my journey that is all. cheers....Don
  4. Yes, saw the schematic, I guess I have to wait for speakers to arrive so I can pull the woofer and be certain which version crossover. The schematic does make it clear the small caps are the important ones. I will put Mills or other nice wirewounds in for the resistors, but again I guess I wait and see. I can use VCap ODAM for the caps as I am an OEM because I build tube amps for a living and get good prices from Chris. He will pull caps for me that are very close to those values and certainly within the 5% spec Klipsch uses. I will probably put damping material on the horns too just because I can. They will see only tubes in front of them so should sound very nice.
  5. Old thread here, but I just ordered a pair of Cornwall IV and I am going to upgrade the capacitors in the crossover. The photo above is nice, but a little hard to make out the values. I will leave the 60 uF cap alone, but it looks like two 1.5 uF, one 4 uF and one 7 uF. Can anyone who has examined the crossovers confirm the values? Also, the two resistor values. thanks!
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