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  1. Hey @Flevoman, Quartet owner here from the Hague. I'm curious to know how your Chorus 1 journey ended. Do you still have them? If so, how do you like them? I've upgraded my Quartets with Bob Crites crossovers and for me it was really a big difference. Much clearer sound.
  2. My first good speakers where the B&W DM305's. I bought them as a student around 15 years ago and these speakers got me really into music. Together with the Marantz 2235, my friend was so impressed he gave me money to find for him the same set. I found a recapped 2230 for him and he still has the set. These speakers got us both really into music. I still remember when he had to stay at my (student) place for a while, how we would try to bi-wire them and placed the speakers around us while playing Supertramp's - Dreamer. Great times. I still have the marantz 2235, but now with Crited up Quartet's which are my first great speakers 🙂
  3. Thank you for your suggestion, I'm expecting new Bob Crites crossovers soon, I'm looking forward to it Together with the new amp, it is an upgrade I wanted for a while.
  4. Hello all, The upcoming year I can probably only upgrade my Pre amp or my Power amp. I'm hoping if someone can advice me on which I should do first to get the best improvement. I of course would like to buy them both right away (it is burning ), but I'm also investing in upgrading my speakers. Currently I have a Lehman Black Cube Statement Pre amp with a Marantz 2235 Power amp to drive my Quartet speakers (My recordplayer is a Thorens 160 S MK V). Next month I'm hoping to upgrade either my Pre amp with a (secondhand) PrimaLuna 3 or my Power amp with a Primaluna 5. Can anyone recommend which I should replace first? The Lehmann or the Marantz? My third option would be to buy a secondhand PrimaLuna 2 integrated and sell it when I have money to get the 3 and 5 together. Does anyone have a suggestion? I'm very excited to go back to tubes again, because currently I listen to my records a lot.
  5. Hello Geraldo, I have cleaned my Marantz 2235 a few weeks ago. I noticed on some forums and Deoxit reviews it was strongly mentioned by some that you need two Deoxit products. The normal Deoxit D5 (red can) and the green Deoxit F5 can (faderlube), which you use after as coating. Apparently if you don't use the Faderlube after, you need to repeat the cleaning every once in a while. I bought the small size red can, which is enough. I cleaned every pot twice before closing and moved the slider and the knobs like 50 times per cleaning to make sure the dirt is removed. You will probably feel the knobs rotating more easy after. I found the following video the most easy to see on where to clean: I suggest you also read the following post on cleaning, it will give you an idea on what to do and what not to do: https://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/the-idiots-guide-to-using-deoxit-revisited.207005/ As mentioned by others, I have also new caps, but the cleaning with Deoxit is a very good start. For me it fixed some sound issues.
  6. Hello Peter, I checked the baffle again with a straight edge, but it seems straight to me. It's the lower piece of veneer that is bent/bulging slightly outward. Thanks for your advice, I will leave it like this and hopefully we can fix it with a touch up instead of replacing the bottom part and add the extra glue like you recommended. When I have figured out what the 'best' design is for some 12"-13" risers (that have to block vibrations to the ground for my neighbors), I will bring the Quartets to a woodshop to have them veneered and hopefully get some matching risers too.
  7. Hello Marvel, Thanks for your reply. I have checked it and the front baffle depth seems solid and measures the same on the bottom as on top.
  8. Hello all, I've acquired my Klipsch Quartet speakers half a year ago and I'm more than happy with them, they sound great on my Marantz 2235. I would like to restore the speaker cabinets to it's original glory, but I have a question. In the attached pictures you can see the bottom wood of the cabinet has expanded on the front. Both speakers have unfortunately this issue. I would like to send my speakers in the upcoming few months to a woodshop to replace the veneer. I'm hoping if someone can advise me on if I have to replace the whole bottom plate of the cabinets or that I can fix this with a filler and new veneer on top. Since I'm no expert I'm afraid that if I only use filler on the cabinet to solve this, the cabinet might be compromised for optimal sound? My goal is to keep these speakers for a very long time (next week I will receive new crossovers and tweeters) and buy speaker stands, so I do not mind to invest in getting them in good shape. Does anyone have a recommendation on whether I should fix this only visually or that I should change the bottom plate completely? Best regards, Pieter
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