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  1. Wuzzzer - good advice. The three offers I mentioned were legit, local, cash only. There was a fourth I didn’t mention that was an obvious scam. I met up with the happy buyer today. He used to have the same speakers and was so pleased to have found them.
  2. Here's a quick update in case this helps out someone else in the future. I listed the speakers for sale yesterday on the local Craig's List for the following: Forte II's $1,200 KG-1.2's $175 RC-35 $175 Or $1,400 for the lot (preferred) The speakers are in great condition so I decided to start on the high end. Within 2 hours I had 2 full price offers for the Forte II's and a third for $1,000. At that point I added "sale pending" to the post and asked the potential buyers if they were willing to buy the lot -- one took me up on the offer! Thanks much willland, billybob and RandyH000 for sharing your knowledge in previous posts -- it was a great help. I've had those speakers a long time -- it's sad to see them go, but fun to see how excited the new owner is listen to them. They deserve to be appreciated and enjoyed.
  3. Photos of the KG-1.2 Speakers
  4. Thank you all for the feedback. Looks like I can now upload photos. I'll attempt to add them -- these are of the Forte II speakers. If this works I'll add the others in separate posts. Barb
  5. Hi There, Not sure if this this the appropriate forum to ask this question -- please direct me to the right place if I've guessed incorrectly. I'm trying to determine what these speakers are worth: Forte II Oak (pair) KG1.2 Oak (pair) RC35 Black Can anyone help me out? I've searched online, but am having a hard time figuring out what would be a fair price, especially for the Forte II's. There doesn't seem to be many of those for sale. I'm the original owner (and have the receipts to prove it!), but haven't listened to them in quite a while and I think it's time to find them a new home. They appear to be in great condition. Looking to sell locally in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. I'd be happy to post photos if I can figure out where to host them.
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