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  1. Hi, Greetings! I have been using the R12SW subwoofer for almost 3 years now, and hands down I am always in love with it! I recently shifted homes, and the entire audio setup was uninstalled and reinstalled completely by me. Can’t just let anyone else touch it. However after installation, when I touched the on-auto-off switch behind the subwoofer, I got a pleasant electric shock. Unfortunately I don’t have a voltmeter, and using an electric tester I found power at every metallic part of the subwoofer (be it screws, switches, line in ports). (PS : range of electric tested is 110-240v) I disconnected the RCA cables, changed the power source : but all this did not solve the problem. Can you please advise what can I do next? Do you feel there is a loose connection inside the chassis, or a foreign object there which is causing this power leakage? Due to these pandemic times taking it to a service center is not an option. Thank you so very much for your suggestions! Best regards Anamitra
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