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  1. It does sound a lot better in the corner. Had to turn it way down after I moved it. Love it! I want a new DYI project now... I very much enjoyed building it.
  2. I have them side by side right now and have been a-b ing them for the last few weeks. They are both great speakers, but I like the Corns better. I have had my KLFs for 16 years the original owner, now with new xovers, and ti diaphrams (hi/mid). Something about the mostly stock corns just captures me. It might be that my couch sits a bit low and the cornwall is the perfect height, whereas the KLF is a bit tall. The KLF does have a better low end, but I like the midrange of the Corn. So the KLF does the HT and the Corns are my 2 channel. If I had to pick just one, I'd take the CW over the KLF. However my wife, likes the KLF over the CW, who I would think has the better hearing being so young and has been much kinder to her ears than I to mine. Lucky I get to keep them both...
  3. Here is a pic of my 1974 CD-BR decorators before I removed the grills. The bull nose trim, does not look the same or take tung oil the same as the birch, nor is it as white as birch. I am not familiar enough with wood to be able to identify what it is... but feel pretty confident its something else.
  4. I do plan to stand it up on end and I'll place it in the corner... It does not vibrate laying down either. Do I place it at a 45 degrees firing into the corner or do I place it parallel with the side wall tight up against the side wall? I can go either way, and I think I read about 18" from the opposing wall. I also have a bass trap in that corner, does it stay or do I need to move it to another corner? I wanted to borrow some furniture movers and wheel it around doing the sub crawl. I'll mess with that later today. Sounds like it will only get better... I am glad you agree that I should look into some La Scalas. I'd rather have Belles, but have never seen those in my town.
  5. Completed my man cave Tuba HT this weekend. Even got a bit of testing in. Works great, sounds amazing. I have never met a horn loaded woofer before, it is indescribable. I ran it against my SW-10 and the sunfire signature, not even the same ballpark. It is a different kind of bass, especially compared to the sunfire. I set it up to crossover at 60, which blended well with the Cornwalls and the KLFs. I have not messed with corner loading yet, not sure I need to... I have it powered through a Rotel 5 channel amp, using the 2 surround channels to feed the DVC, 125 watts per channel. So both sets of mains the KLF 30 and the Cornwall, should not need a sub... however, this does such a great job reproducing sound at low frequencies, I highly recommend having one even though your mains ought to handle it. I am amazed at how loud and clean this sub will go, I never did take it to the limit, it was Sunday and the neighbors were all outside. Just could not turn it up to 11. My brother in law heard it and I provided him that ah ha moment I had all those years ago when I heard Klipsch for the first time. "Its so clean and crisp, I can't believe that is just a stereo, as it sounds so real" I have no idea how it sounds with a movie, but the wife agreed to allowing one in her living room (the Home Theater). I can't believe how easy it was to sell to her... Should speak volumes about the sub. I really like the horn loaded 15", I wonder how close my subbed Cornwall sounds vs a La Scala or a Khorn. Maybe the better question is how much distortion is the Cornwall direct woofer injecting into the sound. Maybe I have the best of both worlds... or maybe I need a set of La Scalas to round out my collection.
  6. Grill cloth? So that chamber doesn't need to be air tight?
  7. I rebuilt it in my high school shop class 1991-94 and then did the major overhaul in 2006 including; 2.5" wide wrangler springs, boxed frame, multiport EFI and electronic ignition, hyd Clutch, low gear kit for transfer case, OX locker, heated seats, fold out spare carrier & bumpers, fold and tumble rear seat, disk brakes, fuses, nickel plated timing cover, lapped gear set in oil pump (idles at 65 psi), electric fan, and a new top. I am pretty happy with how it has turned out. I can't even tell you the stories of what I did with this thing in High School. I am lucky to be alive...
  8. It came stock with the AMC 304, I fuel injected it and get about 20 MPG out of it. I bought it in 1990 for $700, it was totaled at the time and I was only 14. Managed to keep it through college, a wife and kids... Thanks for the advice. Sounds like sticking to the plans, might be the easiest solution.
  9. Here is my CJ... A complete frame off restoration.
  10. Thanks to both of you! Nice analogy, as I am a welding hobbyist and work with steel a ton, but I have very little wood experience. I completely understand the reference. Sometimes a bolt will work, but sometimes you just need to lay a bead. I'll stick with the plans. If this was steel, it would be a piece of cake to build... and it would have been done weeks ago. I can nearly fabricate a complete 1972 CJ but putting together a few sheets of plywood is a totally different ball game...
  11. I am starting to build a 24" Tuba HT. In the plans it has an access door on the one side to access the woofer. If I was to use speaker gasket material and screws similar to the ones on the back of my Cornwalls, could I get away from the access door and have the entire 3'x3' side removable? Would it still be air tight? I am not sure of it's final orientation or location in my room and I am not sure where to install terminals until I give it a listen and a position. Be a lot easier to remove the entire side panel and skip making the door all together. Would I loose any strength provided by the PL bond? Any thoughts or advice? Thanks!
  12. I used the leather dye on my Cornwalls and it turned out great. I had to do it twice on the most faded woofer, but it dried superfast and I can't see how it could have done anything to the paper. Worked great!
  13. Is this the one you are referring to? Klipsch KW-120-THX Subwoofer I'd like to give it a listen, but I once told myself I would never buy a Klipsch sub again... maybe I need to get over that.
  14. I have been researching this same topic for the last 6 weeks or so. After everything I have read (a lot), I purchased the plans for a Tuba HT just last week. For reference I have a Sunfire True Subwoofer and a Klipsch SW-10 and neither are keeping up with my Cornwalls or KLFs. I am ultimately going to get some La Scalas, and for those a folded horn bass is the only solution in my humble opinion. The whole speaker is horn loaded...seems pretty obvious that you would want to stick with that. I'd take jason str up on his offer to hear one. If I could procure some furniture grade Baltic Birch around here, I'd be building mine already. FWIW I have PM'd a ton of folks that have been using the Tuba for the last few years and they all report that they are still happy with it. Most are in fact using them with the LS.
  15. Hi Steve, I have inquired about the same thing... The suggestions I was given was a black magic marker, or spray paint. The paint was the direction I was going to go because of something I read about acid in the markers. I have not done it yet. Use masking tape and don't get any on the surrounds. The advice I was given stated they had tested it on a junk woofer and cut it in half after testing and applying paint. The paint stayed on the surface, it didn't bleed and it didn't effect the performance. But again this is all hearsay and second hand, not much good as I didn't test any of this myself. Good luck, I too will be handing mine down to my kids. Hopefully my father is reading this too...
  16. I have done this to my KLF-30s including the band pass crossover mod mentioned... If you're happy leave them phenolic, I have yet to hear anything from them worth what I paid for the drivers and crossover mod. I am still wanting to remove them and go back to stock and see if I "lose"anything. Not a worthwhile upgrade in my opinion.
  17. Tripod... Ya, I know you are right, but by boxes didn't rattle until I turned them way up. So the broken cabinet did not come into play that much. Alls I am saying, is there was a differance. Whether it was from age or use, I do not know. But it is my opinion that speakers wear out over time. Any moving part is eventually going to wear. This would logically change the way the woofer handles the movement of air. I am not a beliver in break in, but as someone else noted above, I feel you just begin the breaking down period. Which will ultimately end in the woofer wearing thin and tearing. Just one last thing, I din't say better, I just said different. ------------------ KLF 30 (fronts) KLF C7 (center) KG 4.5 (rear) KSW 10" (rear sub) Sunfire Theater Grand II (pre-amp) Sunfire Cinema Grand (425Wx5) (amp)
  18. About a year ago my KLF 30s aquired loose back boards. I contacted my dealer, and he had a brand new set delivered to my house (fantastic service). So I took advantage of having the new and old side by side, which brings me to my point. There was definately a differance in the tightness of the bass. The new woofers didn't quite have the same depth as the "broken in" ones. It was a complete side by side a/b test. Did the new ones sound bad, no, but there was a differance. I don't put a whole lot of stock in "burn in" times. But, I do think that the drivers did loosen up after a couple of days. As for interconnects and cables? Who knows. ------------------ KLF 30 (fronts) KLF C7 (center) KG 4.5 (rear) KSW 10" (rear sub) Sunfire Theater Grand II (pre-amp) Sunfire Cinema Grand (425Wx5) (amp)
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