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  1. I am in SLC and would be willing to let you play some tunes. You'll never be the same... Joe Be warned... it might cost you a growler of Midnight Satin from the Portneuf Valley Brewery. I love that stuff.
  2. They are like the eyes on a dollar bill... no matter where you are in the room they follow.
  3. IMHO - it would never handle it. The bracket for the K402 is designed to support all of the driver weight. If you add woofers they'll need their own supports, no question.
  4. On mine I built these speaker pads/mounts and sandwiched the K402 horn in under a little bit of pressure. Mine is very, very solid when you wrap your knuckles inside the horn.
  5. Very nice! I agree with your your review of the M2, (although I have not heard a F6) it really does shine in the midrange.
  6. It's tough to see from the photo, but your paint might just be full of tiny scratches and dulling that area. Try an auto polish before you do anything else. Maybe you can polish out the tiny scratches.
  7. I took mine apart a few months back. I believe the screws that come out are on the back of the driver. It was not hard and I managed to get it back together, OK. I had the adapters off when I took it apart, but I am not sure that you need to have them off. There are wires that run from the diaphragm to the connectors, just be careful and don't force anything. It seemed simple enough at the time that I don't recall any issues when I did it. I think you'll be OK. Joe
  8. I wouldn't imagine any of these would fail for you, nor are they wear items... some of us on this forum have speakers 50 -60 years old (or more) all stock. I have a set of 1978 Belles all original and work like the day they were born that I use everyday. This is my very humble opinion but KLFs are not rare birds, I'd say save your pennies and go buy some music... Just treat them right and they'll last a lifetime. Besides, this forum may open you up to other Klipsch offerings that you might like better than the KLF-30s, like my Jubilees.
  9. I have a set of KLF-30s too that are about that age (am I really that old, I bought new)... As said above, replace the poly tweeter diaphragm with a titanium ASAP, hand down best bang for your buck. Then go from there, I didn't hear any improvements with the Xover, but I had no way to A/B, maybe my originals were still in spec. I second that the phenolic mid-diaphragms are just a replacement not an upgrade. I also didn't care for the TT mid-diaphragms in my KLFs. They currently sit unused. Joe
  10. Coytee, just wanted to add my stats... I had never heard a Khorn (still have not), I had never heard the Jub either, but I do have Belles, CWs, and KLF-30s. I am a leap of faith kind of guy, (more money than brains as my Dad would tell you). No regrets, none, best money I have ever spent on my audio path to bliss. I run a Xillica 4080, I tried a MiniDSP but got rid of it quick. They came with K69, but I run TADs, I actually bought the TADs before the Jubes and new this going into the purchase. I may have tried the B&C, but went the cheaper route as they would never be used in my system. Coytee, you are 100% responsible for my Jubes... you're probably not aware of that, but your advice on my Belle build thread was the catalyst to it all. I thank you sir! RSVRMAN, I ordered mine Jan 8, 2016 and they had them delivered Feb 3 2016. About a month. Congrats on your purchase, you will not regret it. I'd also be willing to demo mine to anyone in my area that would like to hear them. Everyone that has heard my system in the last year thinks it is the best system they have ever heard. I also went all in and ordered a third K402, and with Chris's help, I have turned into a MEH with a TAD as a center channel. Best HT you could ever want...
  11. Well one calculates max SPL with multi-speakers and reinforcing with boundary placement and one calculates wattage requirements based on the speaker. I zeroed out the different elements between the calculators, headroom, multiple speakers, placement and I only saw .3db in the difference. Both useful tools and I think they support one another..
  12. That's what people think I give em... you know because they are big.
  13. I agree, I am in for a set of the 15's for my Dad. Perfect for him. Good job, Klipsch.
  14. http://www.crownaudio.com/en/tools/calculators#amp_power_required I have found this niffty calculator. I am 4 meters from my Jubilee speakers, I like 95db transients, 105db sensitive speakers and throw in 10db of headroom. 16 Watts to make my ears bleed. I hope this will help someone in a future amp purchase. I run a First Watt 25 watt amp for reference... Joe
  15. I use a SIT-2 on my K402/TADs and it sounds amazing. Good synergy here... Joe
  16. I love my Jubes. I have never in my life heard a better speaker, and neither has anyone I have had over in the last year. I run 2-way with TADs and the TADs are head and shoulders above the K69, and legs and feet. http://cinequip.com/ Spencer was my guy and a pleasure to work with.
  17. Paused my project... this is a very important part of a good HT. It's own HVAC system.
  18. Tromprof, how do you like your f20s? I use a Tuba THT but am thinking of going with 2 F20s that would free up corners for my rears.
  19. Thanks! Sounds like I really just need 4 more MEHs... I'll do some playing around see if the wife will help me carry down the CW's, I new collecting one of each would come in handy one day. See if that sates me. But, I am pretty sure I'll want it all horn loaded, that's what got me here to begin with... Joe
  20. Ok so looking the other way... I just happen to have some CWs. Are you suggesting the Belles move forward to the blue chair, becoming mid surrounds and the CWs going between the window and the room treatment? That puts both rear infront if the couch like in B/C of the diagrams. The CWs sit on the floor correct, be a challenge to hang them.
  21. Current System = A picture speaks a thousand words. I am looking for a wall mounted speaker that can get me from 5.1 to 7.1. You can see where I have the boxes set high in the wall. I have Jubes as fronts and Belles for rears so losers need not apply. Anyone used anything that would fit this application? SQ is of the utmost importance, as they are rubbing shoulders with Jubes... Thanks!
  22. I have PM'd you 2, one below and one slightly above your price. Use it as you plan, but then on some rainy saturday you can try your wonderful amps coupled directly to your drivers. See what that does for your holographic presentation.
  23. Just my humble opinion, but the Xilica can be had for cheaper and has a lot more capability. Mine is controlling my L,R,C and LFE providing xovers and PEQs and time alignment for all of them. A very versatile tool.
  24. I cannot speak for others, but I purchased mine as part of my Jubilee order. I am pretty sure you need to also purchase the driver. Which in my humble opinion is still worth it.
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