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  1. does anyone think 1982 Cornwalls are better than 1975? in what aspects? I like that mine have access from the rear, in case I need to upgrade the crossovers. Any opinions? Also how do CW2 compare to CW1?
  2. i know right? they are just going to fill that emptied space with useless junk.
  3. Orioles Park, Baltimore, MD
  4. I have 1975 Cornwall in Good condition. Comes with original grills, recently treated with lemon oil. Sounds amazing! I bought this pair 2 months ago from a seller nearby for 950$ as it failed his WAF, selling for the same price. LocationL Baltimore, MD Serials 5N978, 5N979 Please refer to the pics below. I will share link to more photos privately upon request.
  5. Guys, I decided to sell these and buy the newer ones from the seller I mentioned before. where should I post it on the forums?
  6. If you are familiar with the models, what would be the median prices you'd be willing to pay for each model except for AK5 (that one is pain in the *** for sure)
  7. thank you, i think so too but let's see.
  8. Saw in person but haven't heard, they come from a Klipsch heritage collectioner, I checked a couple of crossovers inside of the Belles and they seemed in pristine condition.
  9. I mean saying worthless to Belles and Cornwalls and Heresy is clearly lack of understanding of what Klipsch community cares for. Besides in my opinion AK5 is a deadweight. They are huge and intermediate model, very hard to sell at 10k+. Unless you wanna buy them chief.
  10. She is just overwhelmed and wants to get rid of the lot ASAP. I'd like to offer her to store and sell at the highest price possible including the ones I am going to buy from her, transfer all proceeds to her account net of the costs to me.
  11. Not at all, she doesn't want to sell piecemeal, and I am only condidering because I want them Cornwall IIs in WO. that's my struggle
  12. Well this is originally my thread, and I didn't want the original seller to see this conversation. I went and saw the lot, but the space was quite limited so we didn't unpack anything, I just took a look at a couple of boxes, haven't even had a chance to check if the crossovers seem alright
  13. Hey I figured, checked the garage sale items found the original seller. FYI none are NOS, mostly MINT however. I thought in the beginning it was a steal, but then did some research and I will barely breakeven and that is if I sell the AK5s at 80% premium.. The rest will be sold below the prices she quoted in her thread.
  14. So you are criticizing me for asking for opinions in the "wrong thread" ?
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