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  1. Hello expert, My Klipsch Pro Media V2.1 from older generation with (Fuse). The sound was fantastic until recently when I on the power and strong green light turned on but it will last about 1.5- 2 hours the green light starting to faded and guess what eventually the light goes off... but still I can hear the sound. If I increase my laptop volume, the sound can't be loud and not clear. May I know what is going on? I really love this speaker set and even my family love it.. because the sound is crips and warm... really good sound system. I haven't open and check the amps because I hope I can find some answer before I started. TQ
  2. Hi all Klipsch expert. I'm newbie to Klipsch speaker and I've read lots of review that how good the sound quality the Promedia 2.1 first gen can produce. Recently I get one and indeed the sound is superb :-). My question to resurrect this thread is Should I leave it the Old 1st gen Model Promedia 2.1 On or should be off when not in use? I have a power converter 240v to 120v since I live in Asian country and the power converter there is a switch can be turn it off. Please I need your precious advice and hope you all can input the details for the power consumption when Idle for the 1gen model. thank you 🙂 I added the heatsink with the thermal sticker stick on the rear black plate and it feels warm when Idle. Do I need to add a fan for the cooling when Idle or always on?
  3. Hi, Sorry to resurrect this thread coz lately I bought Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 1 gen. awesome sound but I worried the Amp blown like everyone does... So I really want to know does it helps to reduce heat just the heat link since is direct bolt with the amp. Thanks
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