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  1. Yes thats true, and what a mature karen response of you 😆 But still i aggre with u so i removed that.
  2. Hello all. Got some time with my Cf4 now. And I am in love. Been comparing them to rf7 mk2/3. What i feel is that klipsch is trying to make speakers that are as great as these cf4s again, but they just ain't. Ok the rf7 mk3 is a tad bit more refined in the highs. Mk2 i feel can't compete. The more power i feed them the better they sound! Went from hypex nc502mp to pascal xpro1 and then over to hypex nc2k then down to icepower 1200as2. If any one think that Class D is not the future they need to listen to pascal, nc2k and 1200as2. Anyway, 350w they where awsome and pure bliss, then I gave them 1550w, holyshit. The sound of the pascal i so nice, i see why many of the pro studio monitors use these, and a good deal of roland amps. All of you owners of these know the umpf of the bass is just breathtaking 👌 now with so much power it make my concrete outside wall vibrate. Then i changed to hypex nc2k with sparkos 3602 opamp. 1600w. Very detailed and clean bit bright but clear, these speakers astound me. Bass and all is still just as awsome as with pascal. Icepower 1200as2 620w. Crystal clear, no noise, no hiss no nothing. Still awsome bass and sounds like bliss. Got thinking I'm just biased, I want them to be awsome so they are. Tok my amps, went out and testet the klipsch horn, cornwall, forte, sounsfaber sonetto viii and monitor audio gold 200. I still think they are the shit, of course some of these had somthing better but the complete package. Its like the cf4 is the hybrid child of corn/forte and rf7 if u get my drift And they are stock. At this point. Wondering if i should use time bracing them, they are sturdy as F, butyl on the horn. And going over the crossover. One thing thats going to happen now that i know they are this good is new veneer and tlc. If the rev 1 and 2 are better than rev 3, then i gotta get me one of those rev 1 one's 🤣 So not much of a clinical test and review but just my opinion.
  3. Any know how tick the veneer is on the cf4?
  4. Thx all some back info. Had a rotel 1592 with 200w 8ohm x2 Changed that out for a emotiva xpa-dr2 580w 8ohm x2. Rotel was nice! Emotiva was somthing else, so much power and control. then i changed out the emotiva with crown 2502 btl x2 1550w 8ohm. loads of bass with the crown but the quality was not at the lvl of emotiva. Then i sold the crown and got 2 x hypex 502mp BTL. 1200w 8ohm x2 and this i tell u its sick! I have had mcintosh and lots of other real beefey amps but the hypex class D is somthing else, crystal clear but not dead, and the bass controll is sick. On the rf7 i could se the elements move on the rotel and emotiva, now i cant se them, looks like they are standing still. Im a bass and drum/rock/metall kinda guy so i hope the cf4 will beat the crap out of the rf7 Planing on doing all the braces and dampening. If i like em ebony veneer is next: https://www.ebay.com/itm/122799121466 Just done wih some real nice Kef 104/2 from 1987, good speakers but not insane Btw Have had the klipsch sp1, first speakers at age 16 then boston m350, nice and looks like a million. Rf 7 mk1, they where quite bad stock had to work em over with dampening. rf7 mk2 i quite loved these, so much physical power, u could feel the music. But still wanted somthing more. Now CF-4 picking them up at the end of the month.
  5. Hello all, just bought a pair of cf4 v3. Sold my Rf7 mk2, and havent really heard the cf4 before any one that have heard both of these care to comment?
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