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  1. Yes Serial number imprinted on back 29P201 & 2 They are birch they came to me raw wood I have rubbed Linseed oil on them. I will open back cover and look at magnets tomorrow. One of the tweeters went out in 1989ish. A friend of mine took them to the Klipsch factory in Hope Ar. in the early '90's, before Klipsch moved. They were repaired/reworked in the factory then. They still sound great being pushed by an old Marantz amp. Cosmetically they look rough, but ok for my garage.
  2. ANdreG I posted a picture babadono LOL I brew Beer... and I am happy!
  3. I have had two Hereseys since 1979ish. I got from a friend who needed cash. Serial number partly legible on 1 of them #29P20 ? inspected by N W Bradford, I think. I think they were made in ‘75. There may be more numbers but not legible. Could anyone tell me about them.
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