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  1. Im going to close this off as I have found the fix, the issue i was having was cuse of Corsair ICUE software. I closed it, stopped the Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote service in task managed then went to C:\Program Files\Corsair\CORSAIR iCUE 4 Software\ And deleted both Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote.exe & Corsair.Service.CpuIdRemote64.exe I know its an old post but thought id share my solution!
  2. Recently Upgraded from some old wharfedale speakers to the Klipsch R-51PM's! Also got them paired with a nice Wharfedale SW150 Subwoofer Didnt want anything over the top just something high quailty and nice for music and movies! Pics:
  3. So I recently got a pair of R-51PM's and when using the USB A to B cord with my desktop the audio has a 1-2 second delay with youtube, windows speaker test and volume ding when adjusting, movies and spotify etc. Is there a reason for this or am I doing something wrong?
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