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  1. Chris, Sorry for the delay. Thanks so much for your comments and encouragement. In reviewing other posts, I see that K402’s are “only” 39-40” wide. For some reason, I was thinking they are 46” or more. That error in thinking adds up for an LCR set. (Well at least 18” or so less than I thought). I will keep reading all the various threads. A wood K402 set would be very interesting. My AE 15” subwoofer would only need to cover the very lowest organ pedal tones and concert bass drum notes.
  2. Chris, I agree that an MEH with a low end cut off only extending to 300 or 400hz makes little sense. Your K402 based MEH look to be astounding, but the 402 is really wide for a lot of rooms, especially if used LCR. And, it exactly cheap either.😊 The sweet spot for me would be an MEH using a 2” driver crossed around 400 to dual 12” (or 8”?) woofers mounted on the sides firing through the horn. Low end cut off of around 80-100hz. Preferably 24-30” wide. Perhaps this is pie in the sky. Maybe the better solution is the Peavey FH-1 + 2 Large Heils from your other thread. Bruce
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