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  1. Thanks for all the feedback! I do have them on casters so I can move them indoors when not in use... I guess I'll just continue that, at least until I can build a "speaker locker" for them.
  2. I know the 301's are Pro speakers, and are often used outdoors, so can they be left outdoors all year? I'm most concerned about the effects temperature changes may have, since there can be a 30-50 degree change overnight during Summers in Boise. I don't plan on leaving them out in the Winter, so that's not an issue. I am considering making covers for them, mostly to keep the sun off of them during the day and dew off of them in the mornings. Any feedback would be appreciated! John Main: KG 5.5, Loft: KG 4, Garage: KG 4 + KG 2, Outdoors: KP 301-II
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