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  1. Would you be willing to sell the subs and sub amp separately?
  2. I wonder if Trey has access to any of the professional speakers that I could audition. I’d love to hear the KPT-396 in person. I am guessing the local Indianapolis home theater dealers don’t normally stock the pro-cinema products. Based on the spec sheet for the KPT-396 it probably meets or exceeds THX Ultra 2 specs with respect to the consumer market even though it’s not officially certified. The dispersion specs are the same as the KL-650s with a flat response.
  3. Thanks @Chief bonehead and @dwilawyer!
  4. I heard about the x-curve response from Klipsch Heritage engineer, Trey Cannon. Here was our thread in the Klipsch owner’s forum:
  5. Is this an easy process? I am thinking about getting the Klipsch KPT-396 and it has a curved baked in as well.
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