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  1. Sorry, I already got mine at 250$ free shipping.
  2. how much are you selling for? On another note i wanted to ask about rear speakers. I wanted to go with in wall klipsch for rear but I dont know what will match with the RP 8000F front. I would prefer the in wall to save space on the rear but if other options are better and not that bulky and would not occupy a lot of space on the wall, I am willing to consider those. TIA
  3. Thanks guys. At this point my budget doesn't support the upgrade but will keep that in mind.
  4. I am looking to buy the center channel klipsch to go with my 2 front RP-8000F floor standing model. The 440C is about 50$ cheaper vs the 404C. This is my first home theater setup and looking for an advise on which one is better to pair with my front L and R. I suppose 50$ difference is not a lot if 404C is better. Thoughts from exports would be appreciated. Thanks
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