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  1. I disassembled the binding posts and cable connectors, cleaned and de-oxit-ed everything, including some cleaning on the driver connectors and cables inside the cabinet and reassembled. The problem seems to be the shape of my speaker cable expandable banana connectors which don't make good contact at the end of the inside of the binding post holes. By backing them out just slightly and then expanding them, it cleared up. Still weird, but I'll take the win. Thanks again for everyone's input. For the record, with the capacitor upgrade and Ti tweeters, these Quartets really sing!
  2. Understood, but the question still stands. How is it that I can move the wire in the binding posts, which only have one wire attached to each to the crossover, and have an effect on just one of the three drivers? They should all cut out.
  3. Very unusual outcome. I pulled the midrange and as Deang suggested the mid driver is fine, tested at 11.6 ohms. Then I pulled the crossover and hooked up the mid outside of the speaker cabinet and found that it did work, intermittently. Here's the strangest thing, by wiggling the binding posts I was able to make the mid work. Then I reinstalled the crossover and mid, hooked the speaker back up, and by wiggling the binding posts I can get the mid to work. But only the midrange goes out, the tweeter and woofer stay working no matter what. I've never seen this before. I assume I need to re-check the soldering at the binding posts, but how can two of the three drivers not be affected by wiggling the binding posts like this?
  4. HI all, I've recently picked up a pair of very nice Quartets, and was thrilled to see the tweeters have titanium diaphragms as well as sonicaps on the crossovers. However one mid / squaker was DOA when I tested them. I installed a replacement diaphragm from Simply Speakers and it worked fine, for about a minute, then it cut out. Sure enough, that's dead now too. So something is up in the crossover. What in the mid section of the crossover could be so off that it burns out the mids like this? Thanks in advance.
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