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  1. You are correct, extreme toe in decreases the sound stage. When I had it slightly toe in, it sounded great at my work station in the dinning room but not at my listening position which is only about 8ft from speakers. My living room is 14x17x8 and mostly opened to the dinning room 13x15x8. The right speaker is 32in from the sidewall and 37in from the backwall while left speaker is 12in from side and 16 from back/fireplace. This off symmetry placement took away most reflecting sound from walls and provide ideal sound stage width and depth for the near field listening critical position while provides decent musical at my work station about 17ft from speakers. The window in the back wall and patio door at the side wall also good for adjusting amount of reflection sounds too.
  2. Love, Love & Love. My living room is also my exercise room. It opens to dinning room and kitchen. Wife used to the BP20 in and I moved it out. She is now fine with where ever speakers at after 34 years. CW IV owners should give SET 300B amp a try. My CW IV and REL HT/1508 was original paired with ARC LS2 + Parasound A21. Then came the Willsenton R8 (better than LS2+A21 after changed 6SL7 to MEL) and now with Muzishare X9. The X9 was original for vocal, jazz and blue Disco and electronic music also sound awesome with the X9+CW IV+REL combo. It sounds so good with stock tubes on the third day. I decided to hold on the Pontus II DAC.
  3. I tried the 4 ohm on the Willsenton R8 this morning. Bass got tighter, sound stage deeper but narrower and it is too studio/artificial sounding. The 8 ohm connection is more real, natural sounding. I switched back to 8 ohm.
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