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  1. Hi I've got a mis-matched pair of K-400's, 1 early and 1 late style. I'd like to buy one to match either or trade if someone is in the same boat. Thanks, Don
  2. Hi I've got a mis-matched pair of K-400's, 1 early and 1 late style. I'd like to buy one to match either or trade if someone is in the same boat. Thanks, Don
  3. Thanks, What I noticed is that the newer seemed a little more open and livelier, while the older less so, perhaps heavier is a good way to describe it. In the end I got a little confused about what I was hearing because I was trying different amps and swapping K-55V drivers. Also one of the speaker positions is next to an opening to a another room and that effects the sound
  4. As I mentioned in another post, my pair of La Scala's were made in different years. 1 is from 1975, and the other from 1978. The 2 K-400's have slightly different castings. The later one has a smooth outside of the throat, and the other has small square bumps about midway on the throat. I've also noticed that the flanges that mount to the cabinet are different as well as the opening of the plywood. Can someone explain the reason for the differences between the two and if they can be used together? The sound the same to me but I am curious what the wisdom of the group has to say. Thanks
  5. Excellent. That's what I've done in the past with other drivers
  6. Hi Mike, Here's the one I downloaded the other day. The last 8 in the date isn't very clear to me and I thought it was 8/20/92B instead of what's written with the year first. Now that I've seen the schematic you posted, I can see where the Zener has been edited out of mine. Don
  7. Thanks. I did it at low volume and the drivers are fine
  8. Thanks for everybody's help. I think I've found the problem. My La Scalas with the AA crossovers have L-pads for the tweeter and squawker. Mine were originally sold along with a Rodgers electronic church organ. Both of the L-pads are really dirty. At one point I touched one to adjust it and heard the distortion or crackle. I'm in the process of cleaning them now, perhaps even removing them
  9. Thanks, I thought I'd get in there with some DeOxit when tightening.
  10. KT88, Thanks for bringing this up. I'll check it out. I think I found the source of the noise. I'll update the other posting.
  11. Hi Mike, It's funny, the copy I downloaded the other day looks identical except for the Zener. Thanks for providing this.
  12. Thanks, The La Scals's I've seen like mine, which were sold along with a Rodgers Electronic church organ, have the variable L-pads which I previously called rheostats. They're 2-wire tapped off the positive leg. I called Crites a few days ago, and they just got back to me a moment ago. I guess their answering machine was down for a day or two. Nice folks
  13. Thanks. Just focusing on the mids, One is 10.4R, the other 10.5R
  14. The driver of the horn. They're both kind of edgy, but one is worse than the other
  15. Thanks KT88. I enjoyed reading your other post about the polyester caps. What you experienced is what I'm looking for. Don
  16. I'm confused about what I see in my pair of AA La Scala networks. One appears to be original with the big cans, the other was changed at some point and the wire routing appears to be a little different but effectively similar. They both have rheostats for the Tweeter and mid drivers. The confusing part to me is that in the CAD schematic I got here dated 82092B, I see that the positive input leg splits before it gets to the 13uF cap, feeding the squawker with the 13uF cap, and the tweeter with the 2-2uF caps. In both of the networks, the 2-2uf caps are taken after the 13uF cap. There are the other components but I'm just trying to separate out how the caps are fed. What am I missing? Thanks, Don
  17. KT88- Thanks for your response. As for specs, The Crossovers are AA. Horns are K-55V and the tweeters are the K-77. I've seen pictures of the K-77x tweeters and they have a gold-ish tone to the metal with a small Klipsch logo on them. Mine don't have the logo, only have K-77 stamped in ink. Based on some decoding of the serial numbers mine are also from the 70's but I don't remember what year. Because I got 2 singles they don't have sequential serial numbers. When I buy caps for my stereo projects, I try and find Polyester or polystyrene. I also try and take a step up from Panasonics without going to the expensive boutique models. The Clarity were priced below the Sonicaps recommended here. I just got some Multicaps from Reliable for my Conrad Johnson amp. I also bought a set of Cornell Dupilier from Mouser that are Polypropylene. I thought they were film and foil but they're film and Metallized. I also saw the info on Crites website about the diaphragms and the gasket washer and thought I would start with the gaskets to see if they weren't sealing properly. I just went to one of the speakers and was able to tighten the driver onto the horn by 20* or so. I'll see if that makes a difference.
  18. Hi, Newby here, although I've been a lurker for a while now. I recently bought a pair of La Scala's from an organ dealer that are identified as LS-BB. I'm in the process of re-capping the crossovers with Clarity Caps of the original values. The woofers sound great. I'm not hearing much resolution out of the tweeters, but my old ears don't hear much at that frequency anyway. My question today is about the horns. They both sound bright to me. and one of them sounds grainy or distorted. I was listening to Diana Krall, and while she can be breathy, this was more edgy or grainy. I played Steely Day which sounded much better but I could still hear the distortion. This was at low volume levels. I tried hooking up the leads directly to the horn by bypassing the X-over and it's still there. Is there any servicing I can do to improve the sound? I was looking at Bob Crites site and see new diaphragms or the gasket between the driver and horn. I tried them connected to a yamaha receiver as well as my main Conrad Johnson system and it doesn't really change. It's also not a room reflection issue either. Thanks, Don
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