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  1. Not sure, don’t know what the pros and cons are with each of those options. Also there might be a bit of a time delay in my responses because I live in Australia .
  2. I was originally looking at upgrading my rc7 to a rc64iii but I was told that the rc7 was a better match for my rf7s. I’m assuming because of the different x-over frequency between the rf7 and the rf7iii. Then I read on your forum about someone who compared rc7s with the deang upgrade to the rc64 and said he could hardly tell the difference between them. So I’m hoping and upgrade on the rc7 and rf7 would be a win win. What is your opinion? Or should I just buy the rc64iii and would it be a noticeable improvement over the rc7? I am happy with what I have but you always want to improve. Thanks
  3. Hi, I’m new to this, do I reply to the group or the individual?
  4. Hi, I’m new to these forums and been reading a lot about Dean G X- overs. I am after information regarding purchasing Dean G x-overs for my RF7’s and RC7. thanks Emmanuel
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