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  1. I’m thinking of doing it on mine. Starting off with a very fine grit like 320 and working my way up gradually to finer grit to get a nice smooth and even finish. I personally like the “road worn” look of my LSI but I think they will look pretty sharp if I can bring the trim back to what it looked like in 1987 when they were made. Any input, suggestions, comments, concerns or repudiation warmly welcomed 😎 -Gil
  2. I tried this and guess what? It worked!!!! Thanks Henry4841! That driver is sitting in there snug as as snug gets!
  3. Would you happen to have the link to that particular conversation about the bins?
  4. That’s really good to know. Thank you, Pauln. It’s amazing how a little 1/16” gasket plays such a big role in the overall function of the horn.
  5. Thank you to everyone who has given their input. A lot of good ideas here, but for now what I’ve done is just removed the gasket and applied plumber’s tape so that it seals air tight. I know someone mentioned that the gasket is essential, so eventually I will either get a new horn or repair it somehow at a machine shop. Just to reiterate: the driver will not hold if the 1/16” gasket is in place but holds if the gasket is removed, therefore the driver is being held in basically by one thread. Not a permanent solution but it will have to do for now. The mids do sound good, no discernible difference that I can observe without the gasket.
  6. Tried the plumbers tape and it didn’t help. I will try just screwing it in there. The face of the driver is pretty flat and so is the surface where the horn meets it so I’ll give it a shot.
  7. The threads on the driver look pretty sharp. As for the driver itself, it’s very oxidized but still working
  8. Since the driver will hold tight without the 1/16” gasket I figured maybe I could try using a thinner “gasket” to see if it would hold. Well, I ended up applying thin strips of electrical tape to the top of the driver edge where it meets the horns and sure enough it fit snug and the tape is acting as a gasket albeit a very thin and improper one. My question is, would this do the trick as far as damping any vibrations from driver to horn? My guess is yes but I’m also thinking that since the electrical tape is very thin it might transmit some or a lot of vibration.
  9. Funny that you mention the gasket and the 2&1/2 threads because I just now took the horn out, removed the 1/16” gasket and the driver fits snug without it. Put the gasket back in and driver won’t hold. I found a machine shop nearby so I’m taking it there today to see what they can do.
  10. I just realized my K55M was basically just sitting in there loosely. After taking the driver out I confirmed the threads are indeed stripped. Anybody ever have this issue? If so we’re you able to fix it and how? Thanks in advance for any input or suggestions.
  11. Thank you 001. I will look into reinforcing the woofer door panel although I gotta say, after trying unsuccessfully to remove it a few days ago, I might not need to do too much reinforcing. These LSI were in storage for 20 years after being used as DJ speakers for 10+ years throughout the 90’s so they surely were pushed to their limits during that time. Should that type of heavy usage be of any concern as far as the integrity of the woofer goes? By the way it doesn’t sound bad at all as it plays now but given their history It did make me wonder whether or not they could or should be sounding a little better than they do. My old LS just seemed to sound a bit more “woody” and articulate when playing upright bass. These LSI seem to be more pronounced in the mid bass around 70-120hz just from the listening I’ve done so far
  12. I hope the snow stops soon because I would like to hear how your risers turn out! The reason I mentioned the bass improving is because I had some mid 80’s La Scalas a while back that we’re on casters and the bass wasn’t as deep as the industrials I have now. I figured the bass is better on the industrials due to them being closer to the ground and more inert, but it could also be due to the K43 woofer. Have you had any experience with bass bins for the LS? They are supposed to provide more LF extension but I’m not sold on the concept yet as I really don’t like to modify/tinker too much.
  13. They currently have 4 1” rubber feet each underneath but I’m wondering if the bass would improve if I put risers on them like the new AL5’s have. Thanks in advance for any input.
  14. Greeting FUGgers! I just recently acquired a pair of Frazier Mark V’s and I am thoroughly enjoying them but I do have a couple of concerns that I wanted to know if anyone could share their input on. First off I am concer about the damping material used inside, since these have a rear helmoltz port, I am wondering if the little dust that the old material sheds could be harmful to health. Secondly I am noticing that one tweeter is noticeably brighter than the other and I am wondering whether this could have something to do with the potentiometer on the back. The previous owner did clean them thoroughly and there is no scratchiness. Running both tweeters with the pots turned fully clockwise one tweeter seems to produce lower output while the other can be so bright as to become shrill. This issue is easily corrected by lowering the level of the shrill tweeter slightly, but if there is a way to fix it I would prefer it so that they can function correctly regardless of whether or not the pots are at the same position. Other than that I’m really enjoying these wonderful speakers. I would describe them as flat, which I always assumed was boring, but the type of flat these speakers offer allows the music to come through in such a way that no one particular frequency dominates the spectrum. I’m listening to Jimi Hendrix’s “First Rays of the New Rising Sun” right now and the album tends to be overly bright and fatiguing on orher speakers, but with the Fraziers I find that Jimi’s guitar comes through just right and Mitch’s drums are not drowned out, the attack on his snare is defined, his bass drum is quick and his cymbals are so crisp. I can go on and on but this would turn into a novel. Anyway, I love my fraziers, they are keepers. Definitely a unique sound signature that is very difficult to find. I have quite a few well regarded speakers ranging from vintage to modern and these I would say are top contenders. My KLF 30’s would take the top spot but of course there are some things the Fraziers do that the KLF’s can’t and vice versa. I hope to hear more from you FUGgers in the future as I continue to follow along this very informative and entertaining thread. Cheers and good health to you all!
  15. Hello everybody I’m new to the klipsch forum. I’m a proud new owner of a pair of gently used KLF-30 speakers and after reading a lot of posts about their shortcomings I must say I have yet to be disappointed and do not feel the need to address any of the perceived issues that others have had. I will admit that the bass is lacking if they are being driven with under 2 watts or so. Initially I was disappointed with that because I was hoping to be able to drive them with some flea watt tube amplifiers but I think they really come alive when fed with some real power. The bass in particular really comes through starting at about 10-15 watts SS power which is good because I would like to experiment with bi-amplification later on down the road. I am aware of the issues with the baffles coming apart but haven’t noticed that happening to mine, but it might after this daft punk listening session 😁 I am also aware of the crites diaphragms for the mid and tweet which I do plan to try in the future, but for now the stock diaphragms are tolerable. I will look into damping the mid horn though because I imagine that would produce noticeable improvements. Bracing is in the plans as well, that’s just a no brainer. As far as the ciare woofers go, I am not convinced. I do believe that it may be an improvement, but I would like those who have done this modification to elaborate on exactly what is improved because I would hate to spend $500+ and have these bad boys start to sound “bloated”. Anyway, I think these are great loudspeakers as they are so once I have the time to let curiosity get the best of me I will most definitely start to update/upgrade/retrofit these beasts, but I must say even as they stand now they are formidable heavyweights. I’ve owned LaScalas and cornwall ii’s and these keep up with and in some aspects exceed those models. Of course, the 1980’s lascalas have a beautiful midrange that is tough to beat, but the KLF’s make up for it in other ways, primarily in the bass region, which makes them an overall more enjoyable listening experience for me. Cheers to all you klipschonians. Be blessed. -Gilligan
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