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  1. Thanks and yes of all the audio forums I’m on with this name you’re the first to guess lol
  2. Thanks, yeah we have been texting and he has been very helpful. However, he is trying to figure out his next move, hence my posting.
  3. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking for a bit and reading a lot around the forum. I’m looking to jump in with a WTB for Cornwall 1 or 2 or Chorus 2. I’m in the Washington, DC suburbs (MD) and work in Baltimore, so I am looking around these two areas. I’m aware of the one CW1 listed here already, but that is in flux. I’m also interested in @Laurie Cornwalls if/when she’s ready to sell. I figured it was reasonable to post a WTB just in case someone in the area is thinking about selling. Thanks for looking
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