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  1. I am in Eastern NC. Zip code 27504. Would you want to sell it? What would you give it to me for? That thing looks like it would be awesome for my setup.
  2. I think youre right. I found a like-new Denon AVR-X3400H I think I will go with it. It should give me plenty of power without having to worry about it.
  3. I get you. I mean the RP-600s go down to 45hz. But the sub guy was saying you don't want to push them that low. Thats a good deal on that denon. Is it really just going to be 5 more watts? Or is that receiver going to be noticeably better? I am open to recommendations. I had also looked at the Yamaha TSR-700 which is advertised 100 wpc. But people said the better build of the denon would actually sound better even though only 75 wpc advertised. Should I try to get that x1600? Or the yamaha maybe?
  4. Yamaha S-501. I think you are referring to the bass tone control knob which raises or lowers the 'low frequencies'(doesn't specify what hz range) +/- 10db. However, the bass management I am referring to is being able to set your mains to 'small' or set a crossover point where the mains can only play the mids/highs hz and the sub can handle all the lows. Doesn't make sense to me why an integrated amp would have a sub out so they know you might plug in a sub, yet they still send, in my case the RP-600s, full range frequencies. I listen to alot of EDM, dubstep, bass heavy music so I don't wan't to be sending the 600s tons of sub-bass notes 20-60hz at loud volumes. Causes amp to work way harder and it can also cause damage from over-excurting the driver. Although I loved the Yamaha, at the end of the day the tech rep at HSU where I got my sub really convinced me it was worth it to send it back and get a slight lesser receiver that would have all the features for EQ and bass management. It will also be nice to be able to fix the mid-range dip that is described in this review. https://www.audiosciencereview.com/forum/index.php?threads/klipsch-rp-600m-speaker-review.12138/ I just hope it doesn't get here and is terrible compared to the Yamaha. I just want to run loud and clean without having to turn the knob a ton. I like the feeling of having alot of headroom in the amp. With the Yamaha S-501 I was only turning the knob 10-15%. At the end of the day though my amp budget was $600 max after tax. So my options were limited. Could either get a really good integrated amp, or a mediocre/good AV receiver. I also really really like the Marantz integrated amp line around 600. Looks very clean and exactly my style. But once again, no bass management. Must be easier said than done to integrate that feature into those models. So pretty much everyone who uses those, minus having an additional measure to block low hz to mains, are over-working their speakers, introducing un-needed distortion, and potentially damaging them if they listen to bass music at loud volumes. I think if your music choice didn't have a ton of bass, you would be fine with those options.
  5. Oh yeah I definitely will say the yamaha was awesome. I really wish these nice integrated amps had bass management especially if it has the sub-out. I will try to get those settings hooked up and I think it should be good. If I was connecting 7 channels I might be more worried but hopefully the 3 will run nice. Thanks as always Bill.
  6. We shall see. Definitely not expecting it to be better. I really needed the bass management so hopefully thatll be worth it with the sub getting here. If its 75% as good as the yamaha ill be happy. And hopefully the 15" sub will provide the punch where the amp doesn't have those nice peaks.
  7. Man I hope you are somewhat wrong on #2. Plenty of people said it will handle those 3 Klipsch no problem. Gonna be pretty dissapointed if it gets here and doesn't do a good job. I just sent back the Yamaha S-501 and it powered them really well with only 85 wpc.
  8. In order to get bass management, I sent back the awesome integrated amp Yamaha S-501 and have a Denon AVR-S750H on the way. It has great reviews, but only advertises 75 wpc 2 channels driven. I have a 3.1 setup with RP-600Ms(100/400) and RP-450C center(150/600). I have a few questions : 1. Is the receiver 'smart' enough to send all of its power capabilities to the 3 channels? No bi-amping on the center channel. 2. Is the advertised 75 watts going to be enough? Subjective question but 'enough' in my eyes means being able to turn it up pretty loud, low or no distortion, and ideally still having alot of headroom. It will be worrysome if my desired volume is like 75% of the knob. On the 501 rated at 85 wpc, the RP-600s were super loud at 20% of the knob turned. 3. From the way I understand it doubling power means +3db pretty much. So even if I spent the money and got a 150wpc amp, I would only gain 3db? There is the argument that higher power amps play better at lower volumes, but being on somewhat of a budget I had to go with the Denon mentioned. 4. Is it worth it to bi-amp the 600s with the 4th and 5th channel on the receiver? Thanks for the help as always! Note: These are the Kanto stands, really happy with em!
  9. Okay so update I got back home and plugged the record player into my 600s. I am hearing the same really tweeters and the distortion. So that is being introduced by the record player. I am going to take my grounding plates tomorrow and test out the 280FAs again with proper Klipsch grounding plates and a digital source to take record player out of equation. Unfortunately the serial number checker is down on the klipsch site so no way to tell when they were bought. I will update tomorrow.
  10. Hey Bill! Thank you for helping me. So I went and demo'd these RP-280F(actually ended up being RP-280FAs).. At first we realized the jumpers were missing so I made some makeshift ones connecting the blacks to blacks and reds to reds on each speaker. Also I was using a record player as the input so it may have caused some distortion. However I got to say something sounded way off. It was like the tweeter was damaged? Or maybe the cables were messed up? Not only did the sound not sound as clear as my bookshelfs, but the tweeters were making trumpets and voices sound very squeaky and like the voices had inhaled some helium if that makes sense. Definitely did not sound right. The woofers sounded alot more normal. So with that being said it could be the record player, or it could be my makeshift jumpers, but does anything ring a bell for why they didn't sound as clear and why the tweeters were making the highs sound like that? I talked him down to 500 for the 280-fa pair and the rp-450C center. Awesome deal and they look cosmetically perfect. Hoping its something in the setup thats causing the issue.
  11. Yeah that’s an awesome deal honestly! I’ll check on shipping I could probably do 300 shipped. Have the original box and still 3.5 years warranty.
  12. I will have to check options and let you know. I will avoid USPS and see what FedEx/UPS would cost. I’m guessing 50-100. What’s your cap on shipping?
  13. I have the Klipsch RP-450C Center channel speaker for sale. It is in perfect condition and still has the original box. Nothing wrong with it whatsoever. -Raleigh, NC -$250 price is firm. -Let me know if you want it. Thanks.
  14. If I have the option of spending a little money and trading my 600s for a pair of RP-280Fs, is that going to be a huge upgrade thats worth it? I do have a sub on the way, so my low end will be greatly covered(15" sub). Is it still worth it to upgrade to the towers? Is there anyone here who would say the 600s + 15" sub is actually better? I do not want to spend money to downgrade. For what its worth, I do like the look of the 600s on nice stands. Simple and elegant. But if yall say the RP-280 will sound WAY better, I may do the upgrade. One last question, Klipsch site says underpowering can damage them. I have a Yamaha S-501 85 watts per channel. Is that plenty of power? Will it underpower the towers at all? They are 150(CONT) and 600(Peak).
  15. Hey I had a question hopefully you might know. My receiver has a 'bass control' knob that the manual says it can 'increase or decrease the low frequency response. Control range : -10db to +10 db.' When I adjust this knob I hear the bass go down quite a bit. The Klipsch advisor said maybe I could turn down this knob, then overcompensate by turning up the sub gain. Would this work well? From what I can tell the 600s would still be getting full range, but the low frequencies(I am not sure up to what hz range) would be lower volume to the mains, which theoretically could help mitigate the potential damage/distortion..what do you think? I think thats the best bass management I would get without sending back. I called today and would have to pay a $60 restock fee since I threw away the box.
  16. Thank you very much sir for writing all this out. Very educational. That makes perfect sense that distortion would be introduced when the woofer is trying to play sounds on opposite side of its spectrum like 50 and 900. Unfortunately I threw away the box to my receiver but I am going to touch base with Crutchfield and see if I might be able to swap it out with a home theater one. Although, I finally got to really crank the 600s today and they (to my ear) sound pretty solid even playing pretty loud bass tunes with them. Not sure if I am not hearing the distortion or if I have not reached that volume level yet. One thing I was considering is this receiver can only produce 85 watts per channel. The 600s are rated for 100 watts of continuous power and 400 at the peaks. Will this Yamaha S-501 even get close to closing in on the headroom of the 600s? I only have the dial turned about 20% and they are pretty dang loud. Would that mean they are only getting 15-20 watts? If I am way farther from damage than I think I am, I might have more than enough room without risking damage. Another reason I would really like a home receiver is so I can get that LFE sub channel for movies in 5.1 and make the most use out of the sub. Anyways as you can tell I have been back and forth. Thank you for helping me understand the possibilities and what is going on behind the grill. Cheers.
  17. Hello sir, I ordered the VTF-15H MK2, it is supposed to be their flagship model and has variable tuning. A real fun sub from what I have heard. I think I might take you up on the advice to swap it for an AVR. You telling me to do that from a woofer damage perspective, distortion based, or what? I am not worried about power as they are so sensitive my receiver has plenty to power them even if the woofers are working hard as well.
  18. Thank you for the input man....I am leaning towards keeping the setup and not trading it in for one with crossover. I just don't want to damage the woofers is my main concern. I am not so much a hi-fi head where i couldn't deal with a little distortion. I guess my main question at this point is it worth it to send back the Yamaha S-501 to get a receiver with crossover abilities. If it's not then the Yamaha is a killer amp. I do have a HSU 15" sub on the way I am super excited for. By the way you have a cool little setup going there. Looks like a great place to kick back. I bet we are similar in that we like to browse the web and have a game going at the same time. Keeps the attention satisfied. I have 20 more days free returns to decide on the receiver...decisions, decisions..you think the woofers will get damaged if I play them 7/10 loud with heavy bass music? Keep in mind my tastes are bassnectar, tool, bass based EDM, etc....
  19. I was checking out the website. Some users say it affects the fidelity quite a bit for the frequencies that are preserved..have you noticed that at all? Otherwise it seems like a good solution but I wouldn't want the sound quality affected..also there may be a high pass filter built into the RP-600Ms...it makes no sense why there wouldn't be unless Klipsch was skimping on costs..but that does not seem to be a concern with the 600s. Waiting to hear back from support.
  20. Man I have gotten equal amount of nothing to worry about and yes worry about it. I do plan on playing alot of bass music, EDM, hip-hop, etc...so I wonder if this filter is worth it or if I truely have nothing to worry about. I will be playing them loud but not insanely ear damaging loud. They are the RP-600Ms. Why wouldn't they add in a high pass filter to the speaker if they know it can only produce down to 45hz...
  21. Thanks for the tips. I will definitely add that whole album and give it a listen through tomorrow. The RP-600Ms allegedly go from 45hz+, so I am thinking about setting the sub to 80hz. I would like for it to do as much work as possible. Even though the 600s will be playing full range, I am hoping the sub volume will still be the main player in the low-mid/low region. Will update once it gets here, about 2 more weeks since its coming freight! Super excited
  22. 1000 watts per channel! Holy cow. I am not going to worry about it. Once the sub gets in I am going to dedicate some listening time where I really turn them up and have fun with them. And not to any levels where I will have hearing damage. Just nice and loud. Thanks for your input and sharing your system. I have not heard of the La Scalas but I am going to look them up! Check out bassnectar sometime! My favorite artist although hes been involved with some drama lately. What artist hasn't. His bass music however is top notch. Listen to divergent spectrum and freestyle albums.
  23. Im guessing that is a AV receiver. I looked through the manual and searched online it looks like there is no way to do it. It does attenuate any signals above 90hz that get sent to the 'sub-out', but it looks like I will be stuck with the RP-600Ms getting full range signals.
  24. Hey man, not sure if you were able to read all my stuff(I know its alot), but I don't have a way to set my crossover on my Yamaha S-501. My sub is in the mail, and it has its own crossover, but no way to prevent the speakers from playing full range. Any ideas? Or I am going to have to deal which this flapping/distortion you are talking about. I don't get why the didn't make the amp where if it recognized a sub was plugged in, it would only send 100hz and up to the mains since its sending 100hz and below to the 'sub-out'.
  25. I saw that powernode version that had some bass management. Although the S-501 that I got is a great amp it doesn't offer that. So I will set the sub somewhere around 50-80hz and they will have to share that 45-80hz range of frequencies. I guess I will just make sure nothing is sounding 'off' or distorted and if it sounds fine it probably is fine. It is under warranty after all. Thanks for your input.
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