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  1. the serial number at the top is 25P485. that is what is stamped in the birch. can anyone decipher this for me? trying to figure out age? am I to assume it was made in 1985? cris
  2. aww you guys are all so wise. the serial number at the top is 25P485. thank you all for the replies. Im sorry it has taken me a few days to figure out that you all responded. Ill try to upload some pictures. Another question..is it even worth keeping a single speaker or should I sell and try to find a pair? if so what would you all determine the value if it is in working order? cris
  3. I acquired this speaker at an estate sale. I knew enough that it was a great speaker. can you help me identify year and model. on the back it says heresy loudspeaker system on a paper tag. there is no serial number listed on the line, but it was tested by Mr. Bradford additionally- opening up the back... the magnet has a stamp that says k.22 67.7625. it seems to be a birch cabinet...but quite honestly it looks more like 3/4 inch plywood lol any help greatly appreciated, cris
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