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  1. Sounds really good!! The subs are the r100sw. Christmas in July!! Tons of base, I’m blown away, and crystal clear! Seamless front stage, made a big difference for me, matching 6’s all the way across. I’ll be sticking with this set up. Great for music as well. so it’s the rc62ii center, rb61ii right and left on top of two 8” speaker stands on top of 2 x r100 sw’s. They sit at 38” tall. Im still adjusting and have not even watched a whole movie so it will just get better. I uploaded some images….you can see the door that messes things up. Take care fellas!
  2. Thanks for the responses. I’m giving it a try. Currently waiting on my second sub and speaker stands for the rb61’s to come in. I’m excited about saving space and trying to convince myself it will be fine. The left kg had to sit about 5’ away from tv, way out of balance. The stands and bookshelf speakers will stack right on top of the subs and be just to right and left of tv. ( perfect) I have the kg’s hooked up to an old Onkyo in the bedroom and they have a huge sound, lots of nice bottom end, the bookshelf’s will never meet it, but I think it will sound great anyway. My room is pretty big 16x20, we sit in middle about 10’ away. I’ll let you guys know how it sounds. Thanks guys, never been in a forum, fun stuff.
  3. Howdy, First time post. I replaced my KG 2.2v with the RC62II and loved the clarity difference. So I replaced the KG 5.2’s with the RB 61 II and loved the clarity, but lost depth. I’m familiar with EQ adjustments and sub settings, and speaker placements and confident it’s a speaker size difference. My question is if I add a second sub woofer to the RB61II set up will I get the depth back, or is the depth I’m missing in the midrange and I’m just spoiled and need floor speakers such as the RF 62 II ?? Also, suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
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