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  1. The Weekend away by Sara Alderson. It is a pity but i really don't read too many books lately. Since i installed smart iptv on my firestick following this guide I have way too many movies and tv shows to watch.
  2. I like yoga and do my mornings exercises for many years now but for sure wouldn't be interested in seeing it as a part of Olympics. In my opinion yoga is the best thing which we can do for stress release and to keep a good balance between our mental and physical health. With the Yanva Yoga i started to understand myself much better and to listen myself more carefully.
  3. What kind of meat did you use for the soup?
  4. There is a lot of good music on youtube tv and on the alternatives. That's a great list here - https://www.firesticktricks.com/youtube-tv-alternatives.html. Sling TV and Hulu are my tops so far. They have a great content which ay other streaming services have.
  5. I would definitely go for a used one and also would take a credit on it. There is no point to spend such an amount of cash at once. Money can work for me meanwhile. We are working with the NewRez for a while now (here you can read more about them) and never had any troubles to take a quick loan from them.
  6. Very boring purchases today : new sneakers and some meds. My doctor recommended me to start taking few types of vitamins and i spent ages reading info on Canada Drugs site about different types and kinds. Ordered some very good stuff.
  7. We love our saatva mattress. We also ordered one of those for the guest room recently from Mattressive.com cause we had a very old poor quality mattress there and started to feel ashamed in front of the guests staying in our house.
  8. I made some very boring purchases today - different light bulbs for the house. All from my favorite Legrand store https://legrand.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html. Very impressed with the work of their customer service and how helpful they always are.
  9. what a beauty!!!😍. Can i ask you where do you usually buy the tires for this horse? I need to change mine and so far only checked Big O Tires reviews here. They are not bad but still i would like to have some alternatives.
  10. MirkosMangle

    NFL 2022

    Looking forward to those games. Here are some good free suggestions where and how to watch sports with the firestick - https://www.firesticktricks.com/free-sports-streaming-sites.html. Which site do you guys use?
  11. Just started to read a new book about successful project management. Not a regular entertaining read but also necessary thing in every single business. I had so many things i want to improve now and even decided to do some online business courses while reading it.
  12. I love listening to one South African radio station. The morning show guys are hilarious and they also have a good music taste. For the future i would love to have my own IPTV service and to be able to stream my own content. According to this source https://flussonic.com/blog/news/iptv-from-scratch/ it is not a very complicated thing as it seems to be.
  13. MirkosMangle

    NHL 2021 -2022

    That was a bit disappointing. I even had regrets spending money on this game. Sometime i use pay-per view option on firestick like it described by link and this time i was really upset about the game in general.
  14. Wow! Didn't know it is out there already. So excited! Is it only on Disney+ or there are some other apps where i can stream it? I did install kodi iptv on my firestick https://www.firesticktricks.com/kodi-iptv.html and now have to decide on the vpn. Any recommendations?
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