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  1. I'm trying to find at least 2 of them MTX mids. They are not working. I've tried several places to find or rebuild them with no luck. The Infinity speaker I just replaced the tweeters with Rockford Fosgate and the 4" mid with new Infinitys.
  2. I just finished installing Punch PP4 -T 1.5" Aluminum Compression Bullet Tweeters to replace the old school MTX tweeter speakers. and the RF subs about 2 weeks ago. I made the 5th order box with 2 - 8 ohm 18" Rockford Fosgate subs ran parallel and powered by a Rockford Fosgate RF2000 amp ...can you say BASS
  3. I uploaded them to Flickr. Now I just need to figure out the rest.
  4. I'm trying to post pictures to my system. Been a while since I been on a forum. My pictures are over 2 MB from my phone. Give me a second. You'll like my system.
  5. Oh yours looks different than mine. I believe yours was before mine. I am the original owner of mine. And would like at least 1 more.
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