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  1. I measured my subwoofers (2 x THTLP) the same way you did (UMIK-1, vertical orientation, ear level at MLP). However, my graph is nowhere near as nice as yours: I'll be paying careful attention to the YouTube video that @The Dude posted in the hope of improving my setup.
  2. Impressive! Will you please share how you took this measurement? I have two THTLPs but haven’t gotten satisfactory measurements with them. I’m not satisfied with the MiniDSP settings I’ve gotten from REW when measuring at MLP. Usually, when measuring a speaker the microphone is positioned horizontally, 1 m from the speaker mouth. That technique doesn’t apply to subwoofers, especially to ones where the mouth is 6’ above the floor! Where did you position the microphone when measuring your THTLPs?
  3. Thank-you for the information. Although the speakers look to be the same colour from the sides, from the tops one can see that one is quite a bit lighter than the other, as these photos show. Darker speaker Lighter speaker Both speakers side-by-side
  4. Yesterday I purchased a pair of 1983 Heresy speakers (serial numbers 154Y704 and 154Y710). I don't know why the serial numbers are close, but not consecutive. Unfortunately the seller wasn't able to tell me about them. Also, the labels on the back of the speakers are missing; only a few shreds remain. The speakers have: K-77M tweeters K-52H squawkers K-22E woofers E-2 networks I'm hoping that Klipsch's records might be able to answer a few questions for me: The finish on the speakers is quite degraded. What was the original finish on the speakers (e.g., oiled walnut)? There isn't any sign that there had been a gasket/foam seal on the removable rear panel. Should there be one? Where was the dealer located that Klipsch shipped the speakers to? Thank-you.
  5. Today I got a pair of 1983 Heresy 1 speakers ...
  6. I used double-sided carpet tape. It has worked well.
  7. Thank-you for posting what you did and --- especially --- how you did it. I'll try using your measurement and placement techniques. I've never been entirely satisfied with how my La Scalas are "dialled in". Perhaps your experience will be of help.
  8. The schematic diagram says "used till 2/83". Were there changes to the AA network after that date, or was that when Klipsch introduced the AL?
  9. "The Little Jerry" is a small bar in Toronto that describes itself as a "sound bar" for audiophiles. The primary sound system has a pair of Khorns and a pair of La Scalas. Recommended.
  10. This is very interesting (to me). Would you please explain what equipment is required to take such measurements and how one would go about it? If you're willing to do that, and if this is deemed inappropriate for this thread, please either send me a PM or start a new thread.
  11. I'll have to check out DIYAudio. What other forums would welcome talk about Klipsch modifications?
  12. Although I try to get a flat response as a starting point, I then change my "house curve" to suit my taste. Starting with a flat curve (an oxymoron, I know) helps me to ensure I've addressed room modes that affect the sound.
  13. You might want to get REW (Room EQ Wizard, which is free software) and a calibrated microphone (such as a UMIK-1) so that you can take measurements to quantify the affect of different settngs and changes. REW is not an easy piece of software to master but it is marvellous. It helped me determine some of the challenges associated with my listening room and assess room treatments. Using it, I was able to ascertain that 1 subwoofer was never going to be adequate for my room. It also helped with subwoofer placement and configuring my DSP (a MiniDSP 2x4HD).
  14. I matched an SVS SB 1000 Pro subwoofer to my La Scalas and was pretty pleased with it. It performed much better than the old Klipsch subwoofer I had been using, so +1 on the SVS. However, ultimately, I replaced the SVS subwoofer with a pair of THTLP subwoofers. If you're handy, a THT or THTLP can be built for about the price of an SVS 2000. The THTLP is excellent. Using two subs --- rather than one --- was the only way I could tame some room issues. If you go with >1 subwoofer, plan on getting a MiniDSP 2x4HD. It will make a world of difference.
  15. I just refinished my La Scalas. There were no markings inside the feet on mine. Too bad; "Domes of Silence" is pretty neat. 🙂
  16. Will you please post a summary of the answers to the questions you raised?
  17. Interestingly, that's what mine had been dubbed before I refinished them. When a neighbour was helping me move them around, he dubbed the Raw Birch La Scalas "the blondes" on account of their colour and of how much attention I was paying to them. 😄 Before I settled on veneering them in Sapele, I considered both Birch and Anigre veneers so that the speakers could retain their nickname. However, I wasn't keen on the grain of the birch veneer and the Anigre veneer that my supplier had wasn't very appealing so that I ended up going with the Sapele.
  18. I'm still ROTFLMAO 😄 My wife has been wanting to hire a decorator to choose new paint colours because the current colours (i.e., my choices) are hopelessly old and dated. With glee, I showed her this post. She just shook her head. I'm not sure, but in my mind I think this means I'm +1.
  19. I have two of the smallest-size THTLPs; each measures 18" x 15" x 72". Each has a 12" driver and is driven by a 250W plate amplifier (mounted on the back of the THTLP). I needed a MiniDSP 2x4HD to "dial them in" so that they sounded good with my system. The subwoofers are in diagonal corners of my living room, as per this diagram: Since the subwoofers are prominent in my living room, I veneered them to match my La Scalas. I would class my woodworking skills as "intermediate" and I found them easy and enjoyable to build. This shows the two THTLPs:
  20. In early summer last year, I acquired a pair of 1986 La Scalas. They had suffered a little over the years: a dog had chewed the cabinet corners and mice had made their presence known in the doghouse. However, apart from a coat of polyurethane over the Raw Birch plywood, they were entirely original. After having wanted La Scalas for more than 40 years, I was a bit underwhelmed by how they sounded. Fortunately, this forum provided a wealth of ideas, suggestions, and advice on how to improve my system. Over the course of the past year, I’ve: Disassembled and cleaned everything Replaced the original AL network with a new AA network from Crites Replaced the squawker gaskets Repaired the cabinets Laminated 3/8” plywood to the top, bottom, and sides of the speakers Replaced the K-77 tweeters with DaveA’s SMAHL tweeters and lenses I’ve matched the La Scalas with a pair of THTLP subwoofers that I’m feeding via a MiniDSP 2x4HD. I use a Yamaha R-N803 receiver and a Bluesound Node streamer. Yesterday, I finished veneering (with ribbon Sapele) and refinishing (with Rubio Monocoat "Pure") the La Scalas. Because I wasn't confident that I had the skill to veneer the doghouses I painted them the same black that I used for the squawkers and tweeters. I’m quite pleased with how the speakers turned out. Here is a close-up of one of the refinished speakers and a photo of them in my living room. The speakers --- augmented by the THTLPs --- now sound as good as I had always imagined they would. I'm delighted with them. It's been a journey getting them to this point, but the journey has been entirely enjoyable. The help of members of this form has been indispensable to me. Rather than call out each of the more than 20 people who gave suggestions and advice, I'll just say thank-you to all.
  21. It would be a good move to have more consistency in how amplifier performance is measured and reported so that meaningful comparisons can be made.
  22. I've been considering getting a pair of Heresy speakers. Locally, I see lots of Heresy Is for sale and a much smaller number of Heresy IIs. I've not yet seen a Heresy III or IV for sale on FB Marketplace, Canuck Audiomart, or Kijiji. What are the differences between a Heresy I and a Heresy II? Is the Heresy II (being a more recent model) noticeably better and worth holding out for?
  23. The La Scala AL5 comes with risers that look to raise the speaker about 3” off the floor. The risers can be seen at about the 7:00 mark of this video: Having the riser seems to contravene rule #5 of PWK’s "8 Cardinal Points of Reproduction" (aka PWK’s 8 Rules😞 5. Freedom from cavities. The space under a speaker box formed by mounting it on legs can destroy the bottom octave of response and deteriorate the next two octaves. Did Klipsch find that risers don’t affect sound like legs so that risers are OK? I’ve been thinking about adding risers to my ’86 La Scalas to get them 3" to 6" off the floor (to avoid damage and also to raise the tweeters closer to ear height) but wanted to know the pros and cons before building them.
  24. Check out Guilford of Maine. They offer a wide range of acoustically transparent fabric.
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