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  1. Hi Andre and Pondoro. Thanks for your responses. I got the speakers to work again without a click. I just reconnected the red wire into the amp. The clicking went away and the sound returned. Perhaps the bare wire connection is just a bit sensitive? Apologies for the delay in getting back on this.
  2. Hi, One of my two bookshelf speakers goes “click click click…” when I turn on the amp. I bought B-200 Black bookshelf speakers and am connecting to a Pyle 5-channel amp. At first install, both speakers work great and played beautiful music. The second time, speaker A goes “click click click click click”. I adjusted the wire connection on amp, switching speaker A and B from left to right. Speaker A went “click…” again. I then fixed the bare wire connection on Speaker A, and the “click” went away. But, on day 3, the “click” returns. I try adjust wire connection multiple ways and can’t get the “click” to stop. I am a novice for audio. I stripped the wire with a scissors and am not using banana plugs. Please let me know how to troubleshoot this further and determine what the underlying issue might be. Thanks, Mike
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