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  1. The Hersey"s are 1985 by serial number . I have had them for about 1.5 years. i have not open the back yet to check drivers models. They where one owner he said they were MK 1 I can run amps independently or all 3 at the same time. the input source is the DAC which goes to the EQ.8 then the amps are Daisy chained use RCA Leads that have a Y connector at the terminator end. So the amps I found those for $450 the 1st one delevoped a hum . at 6 months I had the Amazon warrenty . they sent me a replacement amp . i asked for a voucher to return the bad amp. Amazon could not find Company that shipped it to me. They told me to Keep it. I did not have anything to lose so opened it up. and found 3 bad soldier joints. 9 months later the company released a amp with bias adjustments. so note if you look into Tube amps . You want Bias adjustments. You will want a solid state amp and speaker with a sub out. tube amps. you will want a DAC you will want a Equalizer there are no tonal controls on tube amps. if you and decent bass response you will have go with Mactosh or add a solid state support system. it has been a learn journey getting my system were I want it. (CHASING THE GOLDEN NOTES OF SOUND)
  2. Hello Dirk here . Addict to chasing those Golden notes. Main daily driver is . 1 Denon AVR 3805 (For $125 dollars can not beat quality and stereo features 160watts but watts do not equal sound or spl ) driving Forte ii. 1 Chi-fi RFTLYS KT88 VALVE AMP Driving the Hersey;s 1 Chi-fi RFTLYS KT88 VALVE AMP Driving Pioneer CS 99;s original not A model spec says 8 ohm but when i checked mine they are 4 ohm. 1 Harman/Kardon EQ 8 1 Topping D-90 DAC 1- RtR 12 IN SUB 450 WATTS Running source out to amps balanced.
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