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  1. I saw his repairs on a few threads. I want to reach out and message him but for some reason I get a error saying I have 0 messages I can send him so I cant pm for repair quotes. Any advice on how to reach out?
  2. Would you have any references as to what I would look for inside the subwoofer. I have some experience with car wiring and and soldering so I think I could figure it out just don't want to open it up and start messing around with stuff. I just have no clue what I would need to order or even look for inside the back panel to get started. Any info would be great thanks!
  3. Hey guys I am new to this forum and have had fairly old Klipsch gear from my family from a while back. I have used this sub 10 synergy for a while now and this year it finally just gave out. I have a strong indication the amp panel on the back is blown and it sounds to be a common thing after reading up on this issue. The sub itself is in great condition and after seeing they are still worth a good deal of money online I want to try and fix it rather than throwing out what is most likely not a super complicated repair. I was wondering if anyone on hear can point in me in the direction of where to get this repaired or if anyone on here fixes this amps for these subwoofers. any recommendations would be great. Thanks!
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