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  1. Same as above. More to think about today than crossovers.
  2. All this is terrible. Extremely sad. Two people (cousin, 2nd cousin) in my family ended up in the COVID ICU for extended period, unvaccinated. And yet several other cousins remain unvaccinated. I'm trying to limit my news intake due to over saturation, but like the forum, it is hard to look away.
  3. What if one mounts the killer small Topping PA5 inside a broken Mark Levinson amp...?
  4. Yes, stereo should not be so simple and cute. It needs to more Rube Goldberg to sound better.
  5. Technics SA-800 under the dbx 3bx Series 2. My first piece of stereo was a Technics SA-200. Back then in 1978 Technics had a very large line of receivers, nine in all, each one with a little more power and one or two more switches or knobs until you got to the top of line. The amps sounded fine until you compared it to anything else. I came across the SA-800 by chance in a friend's warehouse and it works fine as a tuner preamp for me.
  6. Curious about these economical small powerful Class D amps. Would like to try but don't want to pop my bubble and have to part ways with my tube amp, it's part of my identity. Really like my Topping E30 DAC, it has made digital listenable for me.
  7. One person's trash is another's treasure. Garage sale may be the best fate....
  8. This thread is getting exciting, following....
  9. Plastic is no match for a sharp drill bit.
  10. Setting aside all the valid arguments for double blind, greener grass, confirmation bias, and dime's worth of difference, the best approach may be to test and see for yourself. I learned a lot when I took some time to cycle back through all the speaker wires I collected over the years, along with some test runs of various configs. I find it hard to believe some would think drastically different wires would sound similar.
  11. Very interesting the speaker cable change helps the amp. Fully well agree tuning the wires greatly helps the sound. Currently favoring the Duelund 16 ga speaker cable. Apparently the blog hype is real for this wire.
  12. I've seen a pair of the K-77 M tweeters for sale in the garage sale section....
  13. Not likely. As far as I know, there are no other speakers other than Klipsch Heritage of any vintage. I gather JBL may make some nice speakers also.
  14. Believe the Topping E30 may be what you're looking for, very happy with mine. https://www.amazon.com/Topping-E30-Coaxial-Optical-Converter/dp/B088FFLRM2/ref=sr_1_3?crid=301B3UNBYAR8Z&dchild=1&keywords=topping+e30&qid=1635950739&qsid=145-3278105-1294050&sprefix=topping%2Caps%2C261&sr=8-3&sres=B088FFLRM2%2CB0868J7NRV%2CB0865GJLB5%2CB08H7SNMY4%2CB081KTB2NZ%2CB08HPSV1RN%2CB08F54TT79%2CB08H8J2J98%2CB08XNGW1R3%2CB09H2Z4W13%2CB08Y88Y8QV%2CB07X6CF4VS%2CB099W3335Q%2CB08CZ65188%2CB098PXYYJ1%2CB08231S6LP%2CB089B7LV18%2CB08Y886LRW%2CB07J9YSD9R%2CB08CJZGT6H
  15. Single, thank you the chance to clarify this point of interest
  16. Not to be, onward towards the next contestant
  17. K55 V Driver from my 1981 Klipsch LaScala. Solder Lugs and original wire length, spades, to the LaScala AA network.
  18. From my gently, seldom used 1983 Heresy 1.5 : Pair of 701 horns with K53H drivers. $120 + $15 shipping Pair of K77M tweeters $100 + $15 shipping
  19. Very interesting, educational, thank you very much for the link.
  20. Soon to list both K77M tweeters and K52 701 mid horns for this cabinet, so your project is just about complete.
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