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  1. Just ordered myself a birthday present from Garmin. I wanted to buy that thing for a year already and only after talking to their customer service here I finally placed my order. I read different reviews on this device and had few concerns about it.
  2. Green Mile. Looking forward to rewatch it on the weekend but before that still need to reset my kodi (maybe this instruction will help) as the streaming became a nightmare lately. Everything is buffering and the quality of the picture is not good. Tried to watch something couple of times already and stopped after 10 minutes.
  3. I was never a big fan of Star Wars. The original movie was still ok but later on it became kinda boring. Prefer to watch some sport to be honest https://www.firesticktricks.com/free-sports-streaming-sites.html. In one of this websites I can spend hours and hours without even noticing that.
  4. agree on this one. Bananas are great for people who want to lose weight too.
  5. cuties! Can I ask you guys what kind of flea and tick treatment do you use for your furries? Any natural recipes maybe? I found few different options on Pet express but honestly have no idea which one to order. Would appreciate some tips on this one.
  6. Good one. The dresses are cool though... Bride and groom can still go crazy if they want, parents still should look classy and smart. That's the perfect example from https://www.princessly.com/collections/mother-of-bride-groom-dresses
  7. Ordered a new mop cause my wife complained that she didn't get presents for a long time. Now I have to sleep in a living room. Will check with the h20 mop customer service here if I can still give it back, cause my wife won't even open it.
  8. Fantastic view! All I see for the past couple of days is my phone, wordle and word finder https://word-finder.com/11-letter-words/ . Unfortunately I am stuck in the hospital for another 5-7 days and there is not much to see from my window. Very happy to see that someone is doing better than me.
  9. I am going to make a big Asian trip in September - November this year. Any tips are highly appreciated. Just checking american airlines reviews on this site as I want to know what mistakes I can avoid. Already booked my main tickets with them.
  10. Our new family member.
  11. That is not completely true, but very close. Most of the people don't understand crypto and those who do understand make tons of cash with it. Friend of mine purchased a crypto license from uab lithuabia two years and now he is enjoying a good life somewhere in Caribbean.
  12. TommyBond


    I prefer to have 3 proper healthy meals a day instead of being on a diet and secretly snacking all the bullshit I can find in our snack cupboard. If I want to lose some weight I follow 3000 calories a day diet https://betterme.world/articles/3000-calories-a-day/. I can still have normal meals and if I do it for two weeks in a raw I have back my perfect weight.
  13. We've got one from Costway for about $300 and it works just fine. I like to use it at night mostly. At the beginning they sent us the wrong item but after a conversation with their customer service https://costway.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html they replaced it very quickly.
  14. After a lot of thinking and discussing with the audiologist I ordered myself those from the hearing aid store. They should arrive tomorrow and I am very excited to see how my life gonna change with those things in my ears.
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