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  1. Thanks Tom, appreciate the info. Let me know when you decide.
  2. Tom, Thanks for the info on the Jubes. Let me know when they become available. Still wondering if anyone knows if Aaron still has the 70th Anniversary Klipschorns for sale.
  3. Hey are the Khorns still available? If so, can you send me a PM? I'm nearby in the Hartford area.
  4. Hey are the Khorns still available? Can you PM me if they are? I can't send PM's yet. I'm also in the Hartford area.
  5. These look great and I'm interested. I just set up a new account, and cannot send messages yet--a moderator likely has to approve me still. Can you send me a PM with your phone number or email so we can talk more about these? I'm local to New England.
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